14 new participants joined Hyperledger

The total number of participants in the organization reached 183
28 November 2017   194

The new members of the initiative are Agavon, B9lab, China Minsheng Bank, EBPI BV, Global Blockchain Technologies, GM Financial, GXChain, Information Builders, Semper IT, United Traders and YDreams Global. In addition, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the National Association of Realtors and the Blockchain Lab of the University of California have joined Hyperledger as associate members.

These new members are critical in our goal of advancing enterprise grade, open source distributed ledger frameworks upon which users can build and run a variety of business applications. We’re excited to see the contributions from this vibrant community push forward more Hyperledger projects to 1.0 and beyond.


Brian Behlendorf

Hyperledger’s Executive Director

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger under the foundation. Previously version 1.0 of the Hyperledger Fabric platform was released. In addition, Oracle's largest enterprise software and server hardware company joined the block-consortium, as well as 10 more participants.

Hyperledger Sawtooth is Ready for Business

Intel’s "Hyperledger Sawtooth" version 1.0 released
30 January 2018   327

Today it was revealed that Hyperledger Sawtooth is officially ready for enterprise use. It is now also the second open-source blockchain platform after Hyperledger Fabric.

With the release, Sawtooth marks the business debut of a new consensus mechanism called “proof-of-elapsed-time” (PoET). So, instead of having the participants to solve a cryptographic puzzle, the algorithm uses special processor instructions to ensure new blocks are produced randomly like a lottery; no work required. Potentially, anybody with the CPU that supports new instruction is eligible to be part of the consensus process, and it is very energy-efficient.

This very instruction also provides hardware security solutions for enterprises that want to integrate Sawtooth into its business line. Thus, Intel delivers a balance between utilizing the strengths of a public blockchain with transaction volume and enterprise security demands.

The final version also supports Solidity smart contract language, along with Go, Javascript, Python. Among the early companies who already use Hyperledger Sawtooth are Huawei, T-Mobile and Amazon.

As for the reactions on social networks, some Twitter users were sarcastic: @MadBitcoins said “How is this breaking?”; and @kgorin said “Does it leak memory too?”. Some were optimistic: @minigin_courses said “Sweet!!!! $btc #Bitcoin”.