$142k withdrawn from WannaCry wallets

Someone has withdrawn all the money from the wallets of the virus-extortionist WannaCry
03 August 2017   908

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On May 12th, the WannaCry virus began to massively block Windows-based computers around the world. The data on the hard drive was encrypted, and the virus forced the users to transfer the ransom to WannaCry Bitcoin wallets for the data return.

British hospitals, computers of Russian departments and other companies have suffered from the virus. The damage from the attack was estimated at about one billion dollars.


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Now, three months after the attack, someone unknown withdrew all the money from WannaCry Bitcoin wallets within 15 minutes. Thus, 7 transactions worth $142,000 were recorded by Quartz's bot:

According to Quartz hypothesis, the money is likely to pass through a chain of other Bitcoin wallets in order to hide the final recipient.

Change.org to Mine for Charity

According to the calculations, if 10k computers will run the minning screensaver for 12 hours a day, the charity fund will receive $10k monthly
18 July 2018   99

Social platform for petitions Change.org announced the launch of a screensaver that mines Monero on users' computers. All tokens will be transferred to the charity fund of Change.org. This is reported by Coindesk.

This initiative was launched in partnership with the marketing agency Tracelocke Brazil.

Representatives of Change.org report that the screensaver will consume resources only when users do not use the computer. According to their calculations, if 10 thousand computers will run the screensaver for 12 hours a day, the charity fund will be transferred $ 10 thousand monthly.

At the moment the program is available only for Windows users and the platform did not report on the release plans for the version for macOS.

Note that at the end of April, a similar action was launched by the Australian unit of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund; (UNICEF). The website "Page of Hope" mines Monero cryptocurrency.