170 Chrome Extenstion to Give Access to Users' Data

There were some vulnerable extensions in Opera and Firefox, but they are now deleted
25 January 2019   311

As it turned out, attackers can, through the API of some extensions, attack browser users: launch arbitrary code, get cookies, bookmarks and browsing history, install other extensions, save / retrieve files, and so on. In Opera, there are 10 vulnerable extensions, Firefox - 16, and in Chrome - 171.

The most reliable way to protect yourself is to remove the vulnerable extension. The Opera team has already removed 8 of the 10 vulnerable applications, Firefox has deleted all 16, and Chrome does not know how to act yet: delete almost 200 extensions or ensure that the developers will fix them. So Chrome users at first will have to attend to their own security.

GStreamer 1.16.0 Framework to Rolled Out

It's a cross-platform set of components for creating a wide range of multimedia applications, like media players or audio/video file converters, to VoIP apps
22 April 2019   53

After more than a year of development, GStreamer 1.16 was released. It is the C written cross-platform set of components for creating a wide range of multimedia applications, from media players and audio / video file converters, to VoIP applications and streaming systems. The GStreamer code is distributed under the LGPLv2.1 license.

Updates for the plug-ins gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-ugly, as well as the gst-libav to 1.16 is available. At the API and ABI level, the new release is backward compatible with branch 1.0. Binary assemblies will soon be prepared for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows (Linux is recommended to use packages from the distribution).

It has a lot of updates and improvements. For example, hidden subtitles support, optimization improvements and much more. Get more info at email archive