The 2017 Top programming languages by IEEE Spectrum

Python jumps to number one and Swift burst in top ten
01 August 2017   2117

Spectrum is a "flagship" of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - an international non-profit association of experts in the field of engineering, the world leader in the development of standards for radio electronics, electrical engineering and hardware for computing systems and networks. 

An IEEE Spectrum team researched 12 metrics from 10 carefully chosen online sources to rank 48 languages. The main feature of the Spectrum's ranking is that it is interactive, it contains 5 ranking for 4 platforms. 


  • IEEE Spectrum average
  • Trending - growing rapidly
  • Jobs - in demand by employers
  • Open - popular in open-source hubs
  • Custom  - here you can create your own ranking, based on date and 12 different criteria (number of indexed online resources on Google, GitHub repos, Reddit posts, etc.)


  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Enterprise 
  • Embedded

Python jumped two places to the No. 1 slot, though the top four—Python, C, Java, and C++—all remain very close in popularity.

C# has reentered the top five. Ruby has fallen all the way down to 12th position, but in doing so it has given Apple’s Swift the chance to join Google’s Go in the Top Ten. This is impressive, as Swift debuted on the rankings just two years ago. (Outside the Top Ten, Apple’s Objective-C mirrors the ascent of Swift, dropping down to 26th place.) 

IEEE Spectrum Top 30 Web programming languages
IEEE Spectrum Top 30 Web programming languages

You can view an interactive ranking at Spectrum.

Python to be Language of 2018 According to TIOBE

According to experts, Python has become an integral part of many IT-spheres, including AI
09 January 2019   341

TIOBE experts called Python the programming language of 2018 - according to them, Python has become an integral part of many IT-spheres. It is leader of use at statistics, artificial intelligence systems development, scripts and system tests, and is still widely used in web development and scientific computing.

By the way, Python reached this peak for the third time - none of the languages ​​showed this result.

TIOBE Languages of the Year List
TIOBE Languages of the Year List

TIOBE experts summed up not only the whole year, but also the month. Returning to the top three in December, in January, Python continued to push C ++, although the last time it lost ground fairly quickly.

MATLAB changed places with Ruby: the first one rose to the 11th line, the second one dropped to 18. TypeScript took off as much as 118 points and took the 49th place. F # lost two dozen points, and Alice lost all four.

Tiobe Index Jan 2019 to Jan 2018 Compare
Tiobe Index Jan 2019 to Jan 2018 Compare

Kotlin started the year with a positive. The language has risen to 31st place, and experts believe that in 2019 it will enter the top 20.