2/3 Bitcoin Cash blocks mined by Hong Kong anonym

The unknown Hong Kong mining pool has mined 75% of Bitcoin Cash blocks so far
03 August 2017   1887

Is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen

Bitcoin Cash (BCH, BCC), a hard-forked version of the original Bitcoin, is less than two days old ans only three mining pools are currently mining the brand new coin: these are Bitcoin.com, ViaBTC and... the third one is rather mysterious.


Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Thus, according to the CoinDance data, the share of that "unknown" pool accounts for 75% of the total hashrate. By the way, the block’s coinbase data has revealed an address to a backpackers hostel in Hong Kong called Kwong Wah Mansion - that's where a good part of Bitcoin Cash has been mined from.

Latest Bitcoin Cash blocks by mining pool summary on cash.coin.dance Latest Bitcoin Cash blocks by mining pool summary on cash.coin.dance

Bitcoin Cash

A new cryptocurrency representing a hard-forked version of Bitcoin, different from it in the blocksize limits

News.bitcoin.com lifts the veil of secrecy and provides the readers ith an exclusive conversation with the miner from Hong Kong otherwise known as "MC Pool", who wishes to remain anonymous.

The miner was asked about the initial reasons for mining Bitcoin Cash.

Seriously for fun and to promote the new trading center in Hong Kong.

MC Pool
Bitcoin Cash miner from hong Kong

Apparently, the miner started mining Bitcoin Cash to promote his new trading center called “Genesis Block”, which will focus on day trading, Over-the-Counter (OTC) sales, retail, night-time lectures, sharing and local cryptocurrency meet-ups.

According to the information provided by news.bitcoin.com, the Hong Kong miner explains that he and “most of his friends” have already switched back to the BTC main chain, as the operation hasn’t been profitable due to the difficulty. “Return still cannot catch up to difficulty,” explains the miner.

Only time will tell which one [BTC or Bitcoin Cash] will survive eventually.

MC Pool
Bitcoin Cash miner from hong Kong

Since switching back to the main chain, the Hong Kong miner doesn’t think they will mine it again. He doesn’t believe his “friends” will go back into mining Bitcoin Cash either. 

Coinbase to Issue New Statement

As reported, company says it was wrong about SEC approval of acquisitions
18 July 2018   9

Vice President of Communications of Coinbase Rachel Horwitz denied the information that the company received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States for a deal to buy brokerage companies. This is reported by Bloomberg.

It is not correct to say that the SEC and FINRA approved Coinbase’s purchase of Keystone because SEC was not involved in the approval process. The SEC’s approval is not required for the change of control application. Coinbase has discussed aspects of its proposed operations, including the acquisition of the Keystone Entity, on an informal basis with several members of SEC staff.

Rachel Horwitz

Vice President of Communications, Coinbase

On Monday, a spokesman for Coinbase said that the company received permission from the SEC and the Agency for Regulation of Financial Institutions (FINRA) to purchase Keystone Capital Corp., Venovate Marketplace Inc. and Digital Wealth LLC.

However, despite the refutation from Rachel Horwitz, Coinbase still intends to obtain a license to carry out brokerage activities.