$500k Worth AU Stolen from Cryptopia Due to 51% Attack

The founders of AurumCoin time claim that they are not responsible for what happened
14 November 2018   727

The developers of AurumCoin have reported a 51% attack on their network, as a result of which an unknown user has withdrawn 15,752.26 coins ( over $ 500,000 at the time of publication) from the crypto-exchange Cryptopia. This is reported by CCN.

The founders of AurumCoin at the same time claim that they are not responsible for what happened, because the token has an open code, and shifted the blame to the employees of the exchange.

Aurum coin (AU) network was hacked (51 percent attack), a total of 15,752.26 AU is missing from Cryptopia’s wallet (cryptopia.co.nz exchange). Aurum coin network is not the responsibility of anyone, same as bitcoin network, it is an open source distributed crypto currency. What’s worse is that cryptopia exchange do not admit it. This is not the way to solve this problem.

Aurum Coin Team

In a parallel tweet, the project team writes that it does not blame Cryptopia, but the fact is that the coins were stolen. 

It is assumed that the hacker sent about 16,000 AU to an account belonging to the Cryptopia exchange and exchanged them for another cryptocurrency. After the transaction, the attacker used the available computing power and canceled the transaction.

According to the founders of the project, each AU token is provided with 1 troy ounce of 999 gold, which is located in secret vaults around the world. The token is mineable, and the emission is limited to 300 thousand coins.

Binance to Conduct Unplanned BTT Airdrop

"One tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT" as head of the exchnage reported
20 February 2019   101

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, inadvertently implemented BitTorrent airdrop. Because of this, the wallets of some users of the trading platform were replenished with BTT tokens.

While doing testing for Fetch.ai , one tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT, giving some BTT launchpad buyers extra BTT tokens. We are resolving the issue now. No other people are affected.

Changpeng Zhap

CEO, Binance

One commentator joked that getting some extra tokens is not a problem at all. The head of Binance answered him that this question is now being resolved and, most importantly, all means are safe. Another Twitter commentator joked that he inadvertently pressed the Sell button and sold BTT tokens very cheaply. 

Also today, Changpeng Zhao reminded that only one day remained before the launch of the test network of the decentralized Binance DEX exchange.