$50k Worth Bitcoin Puzzle Solved

Unnamed programmer encrypted the code of BTC wallet with 4.87 BTC, encrypted in the painting
07 February 2018   723

Wishing to remain anonymous, the programmer deciphered the secret code of the bitcoin wallet, which Robot Myers, the cryptographer, as early as 2015 placed in the picture TORCHED H34R7S, later called "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto." As a reward for his efforts, an unnamed hero received 4.87 BTC, reports Motherboard.

At first, programmers and enthusiasts tried to solve the problem collectively at the Bitcointalk forum. Now in the corresponding thread about 74 pages of comments with different options, most of which have occurred in the last two years.

However, on February 1, the entire amount from the encrypted bitcoin wallet 1FLAMEN6 was withdrawn. This served as a signal to the fact that the puzzle was finally solved.

The 30-year-old winner refused to disclose his name, claiming that it is "unsafe to own the bitcoins" in his country. He said that he is fond of cryptography with his wife. In the picture they found a reference to the work of William Shakespeare "Phoenix and the dove."

Encryptor sorted out that the picture encodes a string of binary code, the symbols of which correspond to one of the flames in the flame along the edges of the canvas. The color and shape of each determined a piece of four characters that complemented the code hidden in the ribbons in each of the corners. Then he used a handwritten program in Java, which translated a string of zeros and ones to the bitcoin-wallet code.

It is worth noting that the man joined in the solution of the cipher a little more than a month ago and, by his own admission, he could not move for a long time until he got a picture in 4K-resolution.

Miners Arrested in 2 Chinese Cities For Power Theft

Six people were detained in Tianjin and two in Wuhan
25 April 2018   58

Bitcoin miners were arrested in two Chinese cities on charges of stealing electricity. This is reported by CoinDesk.

In the first case, 6 people were detained in Tianjin. The suspects used 600 devices for mining bitcoins that were connected to a local substation. The police claim that the connection was made bypassing the counters.

The investigation was initiated after one of the electric power companies discovered a discrepancy between the actual and claimed consumption of electricity.

The police seized all equipment for mining, as well as 8 powerful fans.

Events are taking place while China continues to play a dominant role in the mining of bitcoin, despite the pressure on the cryptocurrencies. As Xinhua notes, this case of electricity theft turned out to be the largest in recent years.

According to another report, which appeared today on the website of the Supreme Prosecutor of China, two more suspects were detained in Wuhan. They also stole electricity.

The detainees used empty stores since March 2017 to house miners and did not pay for electricity, as did the defendants from Tianjin.