80% of the 2016 Top Exchanges to be Replaced

In 2016, largest cryptocurrency exchanges were OKCoin (184th now), Btctrade (50th now) and Huobi (still at 3rd place)
30 May 2018   679

Over the past 2 years top cryptocurreny exchanges list have met big changes. The research was made by Bitcoin. com.

As of August 2016, according to the data of Coinmarketcap, the leading exchange for crypto-currency was Okcoin.cn with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 440 million. Today it occupies only 184 lines with a volume of $ 17,000. Then and now the main crypto-currencies on the exchange were bitcoin and Litecoin.

The second line in 2016 was occupied by Btctrade, with $ 218 million daily volume. At the moment, this exchange is on the 50th position with a volume of only $ 21 million. Today BTC and ETH is the most actively traded at the exchange.

2016 Top Exchanges List
2016 Top Exchanges List

From the first ten of 2016 only 2 exchanges were able to remain among the largest trading platforms: Huobi and Kraken. Huobi continues to hold the third position: during this time, its volume of trading increased from $ 165 million to $ 1.2 billion.

This is the list of the leading stock exchanges in the world for 2016 and today:

  1. Okcoin.cn (184 now). Today: Binance
  2. Btctrade (50 now). Today: OKEx
  3. Huobi. Today: Huobi
  4. CHBTC (closed). Today: Bitfinex
  5. BTCC (33 now). Today: Upbit
  6. Poloniex (26 now). Today: Bithumb
  7. BTC100 (closed). Today: HitBTC
  8. Btcbox (23 now). Today: Kraken
  9. Itbit (39 now). Today: GDAX
  10. Kraken. Today: Bibox

Thus, the rapid changes in the segment of the cryptocurrency are undergone not only by digital assets, but also by infrastructure elements, such as cryptocurrency exchanges. Among the most popular coins, as of 2016, included Maidsafe, Nxt, Dogecoin and even The DAO.

OKCoin to Move to European Market

Users can already trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in pairs with Euro and company had already opened office at Malta
06 June 2019   1023

The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin announced its entry into the European market and has already opened spot trading for couples with the euro.

In particular, users can already trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in pairs with European currency.

It is noteworthy that customers will be able to carry out the input / output of cryptocurrency without commissions until September 4.

Europe is essential to the evolution of the cryptocurrency markets. It is home to many progressive ideas for innovating and disrupting the status quo of the global financial system while maintaining a balanced regulatory approach. We are very pleased to bring digital asset trading to the European market in a secure and reliable manner, enabling users to trade digital assets for euro easily and safely.

Jovan Gavrilovic 

General Manager of Europe, OKCoin

In addition, the exchange announced the opening of a new office in Malta. The company notes that thanks to the favorable regulatory environment in this jurisdiction, OKCoin will be able to quickly and safely list tokens and add new options for EU residents.

In doing so, the Maltese division of the company will be regulated by the local financial services authority.