ABLE to Impact The New Era of Crypto Finance

Learn about new project, that will create a platform that enables cryptocurrency-based banking activities to center around it's own account
18 June 2018   974

What is ABLE?

The ABLE project will create a platform that enables cryptocurrency-based banking activities to center around the ABLE account, emanating from the fact that banking activities are carried out primarily through bank accounts. Users propose deposit and loan interest rates through a matching system, eliminating the lending-deposit spread by directly connecting users on a peer-to-peer basis. The ABLE project supports decentralized exchanges and provides decentralized cryptocurrency wealth management services through smart contracts. Ultimately the project aims to evolve into the ABLE Ecosystem through its integration with external systems, including simple payments.

Three ABLE keynotes:

  1. Solves the problem of current banking services which benefit from spread margin and have centralized cryptocurrency financial services
  2. Develops a matching system that connects investors and borrowers to provide reliable finance solutions and investment platform on ABLE DEX.
  3. Operating on a DEX, ABLE provides the framework to allow production of wealth management, creating an environment where a wide array of financial productscan be developed in the new tokenized world.

Able Project Features:

  • Allows both investors and borrowers to make a deal on the proposed interest rate without an intermediary.
  • Prevents the administrator’s moral hazard and server hacking by keeping the user's investment in the decentralized system



ABLE team has specialty on various financial sectors including National Tax Service, and National Pension Service. Specialists in finance, IT, marketing share the greatest vision to create the perfect banking experience. Advisors from law, finance, investment participate to serve a high-level of financial service in secured way.

ABLE team had already held domestically tokensales, in Korea. The last two token sales, which was the 2nd and 3rd Public sale, ended in 17 minutes and 2minutes, respectively. A total funding of 10,000ETH were raised through exchange token sales platforms.

Practical Usage of the ABLE Project

  • Mortgage Loans for ICO, Listing companies.
    • In cases of when a company needs additional funds after the ICO, it is impossible to start a new fundraising as this would occur severe opposition from former investors. The ABLE platform enables this by distributing mortgage loans based on the existing foundation.
  • The Era of Killer DApps
    • After competition in high performance platforms, DApps will be the game changer in the blockchain industry.The staging of various DApps require ingenuine methods of fundraising. These DApps will take place in different countries and cultures, thus resulting in the need of diverse portfolios. Instead of personal investments, investment portfolios created by agencies with better information and profession will be more attractive. The ABLE Finance Platform will be positioned as this agency, providing investment portfolios. Thus, specialized financial products will be more demanded, which is available in ABLE.

Relationship with Existing Finance Systems

Cryptocurrency is still not legally accepted in most countries in the world. After the CBDC(Central Bank Digital Currency) adoption, regulation for cryptocurrency will be accelerated. The power of traditional finance systems will be attenuated due to CBDC and crypto-currency.

However, it will be hard to deal both fiat currency and cryptocurrency simultaneously by traditional banks. Cooperation with services such as credit-card payments, automatic transfers of utility and service charges, and bank license will enable taking a further step for this issue. ABLE will prepare a license to support payment system and partnership with the existing financial infrastructure.

ABLE’s Growth Model

The financial system of the ABLE project is a platform for building social trust. Economies of scale and network effects are important as they are platforms where various participants are connected, rather than fragmented simple payment services, unidirectional deposits, and loans.

On the ABLE Growth model, as the number of users gain, the accuracy of interest rates for investments and loans increases, and as many financial platform developers get together, the development of high quality funds will be achieved. The higher the liquidity, the higher the accuracy of the market interest rate determined by the investment-loan matching engine. The higher level of financial products developed through the competitive structure in which various fund products are developed benefits the users, enabling users to enjoy it. It’s possible. A higher user experience triggers more traffic, which in turn creates a circulation structure for new users.

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Civic to Buy Domain

The domain will become a blockchain platform for the exchange of user data
19 July 2018   122

American startup Civic has acquired the domain name According to Vinny Lingham, CEO of the company, the domain will become a blockchain platform for the exchange of user data. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The platform will be a decentralized ecosystem. Thus, companies that own data will request the user's consent to the issuance of information. Blockchain will allow verifying the authenticity of the user's permission. After that, the company will be able to provide information to the data buyer.

Calculation on the platform will be performed in Civic (CVC) tokens. And thanks to smart contracts, payment will occur after the requesting company receives relevant information.

Previously, the domain was a portal for Internet real estate and belonged to the Inflection. Civic bought the domain name after Inflection stopped operating in this area of ​​business.

Vinny Lingham does not disclose the details of the negotiations and the amount of the deal. Nevertheless, he stated that he always considered the domain an ideal address for the promotion of his blocking project.

According to CEO Civic, this purchase is an important step not only for the company, but also for the development of the Web 3.0 concept.