Hype.Codes is a resource for IT professionals and those who are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We write about the latest news of software technologies and real-life usage. The main attention is paid to the most advanced, hype technologies. It is the reason that portal is called Hype.Codes.

Our authors are real developers. In publications, we share our experience of using different technologies. It can be a small publication with advice on how to use of a particular instrument or large tutorials.

You can find out what events are happening in the world of technologies from our news, which developers have recently contributed to the open source devepment, what changes in products for developers have occurred in recent times.

The portal pays much attention to the support of developers community. Developer conferences reports, interviews with their key speakers and video recordings of their talks are being published.

The second direction of the portal is the blockchain, crypto-currencies and everything related with it. We publish the hottest news about currencies, blockchain technology and ICO.

The Hype.Codes portal was created by Evrone. Evrone is a company specializing in developing unique, technically complicated and highly loaded web projects and startups using Ruby on Rails technology.

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