Accounting system for cryptocurrency portfolios released

From this article you will learn how FinTab can solve the problem of cryptocurrency portfolio accounting using blockchain technology
13 December 2017   1099

The crypto-currency market is chaotic nowadays: there are more than 1,300 coins (according to statistics) and countless ICO tokens. It becomes more and more difficult to quickly obtain an assessment of the current financial state, the yield on a particular currency, and the whole portfolio. This leads to the risk of making wrong investing decisions, and almost each investor, trader and crypto-amateur sooner or later faces the problem of accounting his crypto-currency portfolio and needs a solution for this issue. One of the most promising services for that is FinTab developed by a team from Russia.

What is FinTab?

FinTab project team created a service that combines convenient design and extensive features, and is equally useful for both experienced traders and large funds, and for crypto-enthusiasts. FinTab is the Accounting System for cryptocurrency portfolios and an analytical system based on the financial accounting service for cryptocurrency.

The team is already developing the database of transactions on exchanges, historical exchange rates. The aim is to develop a tracking algorithm for each coin which will be evaluated by a set of indicators. The result of the algorithm will be the signals and recommendations generation for working with a particular coin.

We have a very simple principle: there can be as many currencies, wallets, exchanges, portfolios as you like, but the accounting system should be one.

Mikhail Fadeyev

CEO, FinTab

FinTab system features

FinTab is the only system that maintains automatic accounting of:

  • Transactions on stock exchanges
  • Tokens purchases on the ICO (even those that have not entered the exchange yet)
  • Chains of currency transactions (purchase, sale, exchange, transfer) and give their overall assessment
  • Financial analytics and reporting to investors (for crypto-currency funds)

Additional features:

  • System of analytics and signals
  • Advertising platform
  • P2P interaction

FinTab Product

In order to let users keep record of cryptocurrencies and analyze the current state of their funds on various exchanges and e-wallets FinTab team has developed the system which is currently available in the beta version:

  • Google play
  • Web-version

FinTab Token Sale Information

  • Sales dates: Pre-sale. from Dec 10, 2017 to Dec 13, 2017
    ICO. from Dec 14, 2017 to Jan 14, 2018
  • Total number of tokens: 16.5M FNT
  • Token price: Pre-sale. 1 FNT = $0.25
    ICO. 1 FNT = $0.4
  • Hard cap: 12M FNT
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
  • ICO Bonuses: Within the first 48 hours + 30% of tokens
    Within the next 5 days + 20% of tokens
    Within the second week + 10% of tokens
    Within the third week + 5% of tokens

FinTab system development depending on the collected fundsFinTab System development depending on the collected funds

Why to participate in FinTab ICO?

  • The main purpose of token is to pay for the service. Having estimated the potential number of users of the system by the third quarter of 2018, it was calculated how many tokens should be released
  • After the final stage of the ICO, the tokens will be freely traded on exchanges, and the value will be regulated by the market and will depend on the number of users
  • In FinTab system the burning of tokens, received as payment for the service, will be implemented: when paying for the service and the system of signals, 10% of the FNT tokens pass to the FinTab team and the remaining 90% of the tokens will be burned
  • The amount of tokens will be constantly reduced, and the demand will grow, increasing the number of users

FinTab EcosystemFinTab Ecosystem

The reasons for FinTab token cost growth

  • Demand increase for the service due to its constant promotion and development of the functional
  • Turnover of tokens increase due to advertising functionality
  • Growing demand in relation to supply by burning tokens

FinTab Advisors

  • Alexander Reckers - Private investor, GPU-miner of Litecoin and Feathercoin
  • Ilya Orlov - Co-founder and CEO of TravelChain
  • Roman Fadeev - CEO and Co-Founder of law firm LegalJazz


  • Whitepaper

More Information

  • Website
  • Bitcointalk
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Youtube

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Bittrex to List LOOM

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which launches decentralized applications
18 July 2018   196

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex listed Loom Network token LOOM. 

As the team of the exchange said, trading with the crypto currency will begin in the near future. On the background of this news, LOOM showed a price jump fo 14%.

LOOM Price Chart
LOOM Price Chart

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which is launching decentralized applications.

In January, Bittrex tightened the criteria for listing new tokens. Now, developers need to provide technical information about the token itself, as well as the data of at least one team member. At the moment, the exchange has 290 digital coins.