ACME Protocol to be Internet Standard Now

ACME protocol is used to organize the interaction between the certification center and the web server to automate the receipt and maintenance of certificates
12 March 2019   411

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which develops Internet protocols and architecture, completed the RFC for the ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) protocol and published its associated specification under RFC 8555 id. The RFC received the status of the “Proposed Standard”, after which the work of giving the RFC the status of a draft standard (Draft Standard), which actually means the full stabilization of the protocol and taking into account all the comments made.

ACME protocol is used to organize the interaction between the certification center and the web server, for example, to automate the receipt and maintenance of certificates. Requests are transmitted in JSON format over HTTPS. The second version of the ACMEv2 protocol is standardized, providing support for masks in certificates, providing an improved authorization mechanism, supporting resource renaming operations and offering a new method for checking domain ownership TLS-SNI-02.

Chrome 73 Released

Now the Android version of popular browser has Lite page mode that speeds up website download and reduces traffic consumption
13 March 2019   487

Google has released another update Chrome.

  • The Android application has Lite pages mode for optimizing pages, speeding up their loading and reducing traffic, as well as a new download manager.
  • Settings for account management and synchronization are collected in a separate section - Sync and Google services.
  • Improved video mode “picture in picture”. A floating window can now make web applications (PWA): chat rooms, instant messengers, video conferencing. And added the button "Skip advertising".
  • It is forbidden to load external resources in scripts provided by extensions. Extension developers now need to use background handlers.

The previous version was released in late January.