ADAMANT Presents Parameters Storage in Blockchain and New Transaction Type

The world has a great possibility to strengthen privacy, using brand new blockchain based technology, ADAMANT Messenger. It is time to say some words about project’s progress!
10 April 2018   498

The technologies used in messengers have been being developed for a long time, and the creation of a similar product is an ordinary thing now. However, when the time comes for a paradigm shift, every small improvement requires research, design, development, testing — this is just about ADAMANT.

Just a few days ago ADAMANT team implemented a mechanism for storing contact data (KVS) in blockchain and the new transaction type. KVS (key-value store) is a way to store information. For each key (for example, the contact name U324242353425354) a certain value can be stored ("John", for example).

The process of storing contact information in case of common client-server technology is simple and clear. ADAMANT is built on blockchain unlike classic messengers, and each operation requires the generation of a transaction on the client side, the transfer of the signed transaction to a node and the distribution to other nodes with agreement and consensus.

KVS is currently used to store the address book, user settings and anti-spam, but the real scope of application is bigger. KVS transactions are stored in the blockchain along with transactions of other types and are only available to their owners since transaction's content is encrypted with a private key. ADAMANT provides incremental data storage so the client application only transmits the address book changes, not the entire address book. This is very important for blockchain data storage.

ADAMANT MessengerADAMANT Messenger

Soon ADAMANT users will finally be able to save contact names (the address book) and settings, including anti-spam settings.

The ADAMANT team also made a great development progress over the past weeks:

  • Many iOS version updates released
  • PWA (and Android) version of the messenger have also received many improvements as well as many interface localizations
  • The implemented console interface allows you to participate in ADAMANT network forging. The user instruction for forging is planned to be released in April 2018

Talking about ADAMANT’s infrastructure, the ADM token is used as the internal currency and transaction fee in the blockchain. If you share Messenger’s concept and want to support the Team, you are welcome to buy some tokens in the ongoing ICO.

You can get more information about the project on ADAMANT official website and test the messenger yourself. The project’s white paper contains all the detailed information. to Mine for Charity

According to the calculations, if 10k computers will run the minning screensaver for 12 hours a day, the charity fund will receive $10k monthly
18 July 2018   97

Social platform for petitions announced the launch of a screensaver that mines Monero on users' computers. All tokens will be transferred to the charity fund of This is reported by Coindesk.

This initiative was launched in partnership with the marketing agency Tracelocke Brazil.

Representatives of report that the screensaver will consume resources only when users do not use the computer. According to their calculations, if 10 thousand computers will run the screensaver for 12 hours a day, the charity fund will be transferred $ 10 thousand monthly.

At the moment the program is available only for Windows users and the platform did not report on the release plans for the version for macOS.

Note that at the end of April, a similar action was launched by the Australian unit of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund; (UNICEF). The website "Page of Hope" mines Monero cryptocurrency.