AI Benchmark App to be Released for Android

The application tests the motherboard, processor and RAM, and then issues a number indicating the effectiveness of the AI ​​on the device
27 July 2018   1527

Specialists in the field of computer vision from the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich have created an application that assesses the performance of smartphones for working with artificial intelligence.

The results of the test will be useful for researchers of AI, manufacturers of components and developers of Android. Thanks to the information received, they will be able to learn and correct the shortcomings of the devices in order to improve the efficiency of their work with AI.

AI Benchmark can be downloaded on Google Play and run on any smartphone with Android 4.1 and higher. The application tests the motherboard, processor and RAM, and then issues a number indicating the effectiveness of the AI ​​on the device.

When testing AI Benchmark evaluates the ability of the smartphone to edit high-resolution images, recognize objects in photos and classify them. In addition, the system tests the algorithms used in autopilot for cars.

Summarizing the results presented on the project's website, the researchers came to the following conclusions:

  • Qualcomm - theoretically can give good results, but not enough drivers;
  • Huawei - quite outstanding results;
  • Samsung - there is no acceleration support, but powerful processors;
  • Mediatek - good results for middle-class devices.

The final rating of smartphones and their hardware platforms is presented below:

Rating of Android in AI Benchmark
Rating of Android in AI Benchmark

One of the creators of AI Benchmark Andrey Ignatov said that the application was developed for about three months. The idea of ​​its creation arose because of the lack of information about the limitations of the use of modern AI on smartphones. This is due to the fact that currently all algorithms work remotely on servers, not on the device, except for some pre-installed applications.

Experts are sure that in the future AI technologies will be no less important than a good camera in a smartphone, so they want to actively participate in the development of this field.

Apple to Acquire

Apple's decision came just in time - management of self-driving car startup was going to lay off a lot employees on Friday, 28.06
27 June 2019   449

Apple confirmed to Axios and The Verge that it bought a startup As you can guess from the name, he developed the system of unmanned vehicle control. In recent times, things have been going badly. The management was going to close the company on Friday and disband the employees. tested its technology on the redesigned Nissan NV200s - a bright orange car with several LED screens. They displayed messages for passersby and other road users: that the car gives way to a pedestrian, continues to move or turns into a ramp.

According to The Verge, a year ago, was considered one of the most promising startups in its field. It was estimated at 200 million dollars. According to the publications, Apple paid less for a startup.