AI to Create Pizza Receipts

MIT researchers used AI to create new pizza receipts; some of them are really interesting
12 September 2018   1496

Researchers at MIT conducted an experiment to create recipes for pizza by artificial intelligence. Working within the framework of the project How To Generate (Almost) Anything, scientists used a recurrent neural network with open source called textgenrnn. The training was conducted on hundreds of author's recipes from culinary blogs.

To assess the taste qualities of the generated recipes, the researchers turned to the culinary specialists for help. Pizzeria Crush Pizza in Boston, Massachusetts, agreed to help implement artificial intelligence.

The local chef noted that in some recipes there are no key ingredients of the dish - meat topping, sauce or cheese. In addition, some components are quite difficult to find. In the pizzerias there was no "crushed caramel cheese" or "farmer's filling from a walnut".

As a result of oral testing of prototypes (in other words, having tried a piece), scientists came to the conclusion that some recipes turned out to be rather not bad. The top includes the following pizza recipes:

  • blueberries, spinach and feta cheese;
  • bacon, avocado and peach;
  • apricot, pear, cranberry and ricotta;
  • sweet potatoes, beans and brie;
  • shrimp, jam and assorted Italian sausages.

Pizza Receipts by AI
Pizza Receipts by AI

The last recipe for pizza was so successful that the chef of the pizzeria promised to think about including it in the main menu.

BNC to Monitor BTC Community's Mood

The system called Twitter Sentiment analyzes over 34M BTC-related Twitter posts each week, using AI to track the mood of the community
22 January 2020   206

Blockchain-based New Zealand-based research firm Brave New Coin (BNC) has unveiled a new system for measuring the mood of the Bitcoin community based on Twitter messages.

According to BNC, the new Twitter Sentiment rating system analyzes over 34 million BTC-related Twitter posts each week. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that look for records containing the words bitcoin, $ BTC and BTC and others.

BNC notes that user sentiment continues to be a “significant” factor in the price and dynamics of digital assets, and a new technique has been developed to track these sentiments. According to the BNC, it took 18 months to launch the Bitcoin Twitter Sentiment. The data obtained is divided into seven categories - Opinion, Technical Information, Inside the Network, Advertising, Bots, Macros and Hacking.

For the week ending January 17, the most common entries were in the Opinion category - their number was 30.42% of all data received. In second place was the category Technical Information, and in third inside the network (includes information on mining and hashrate).

BNC spokeswoman Pierre Ansaldi said that during the first quarter of this year, the company will also launch community sentiment analysis tools for other crypto assets.