AION rose 80% within half an hour after listing on Binance

AION token price was quite steady until it was listed on Binance after what the price almost immediately surged 80% 
21 December 2017   2075

One of the most famous cryptoexchanges in the world, Binance, announced on December 21 that it has listed AION token on the platform. The Aion project is building a network to bring disparate blockchains together into an interoperable ecosystem where transactions and state changes can be witnessed and transmitted across blockchains.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of AION:

  • Average price: $5,28
  • Marketcap: $315 768 355
  • 24h volume: $4 738 940

Huobi to Launch Prime Lite IEO Platform

Huobi Prime Lite is a “niche project” with some tokensale differences from Prime platform and the first project on it will be ThunderCore
24 April 2019   89

Huobi will launch an improved initial exchange offer (IEO) platform called Prime Lite.

Representatives of the company note that Huobi Prime is a “niche project”. Listing requirements for this platform are the same as for the main IEO site. However, tokensale on the new platform will have several differences from Huobi Prime:

  1. Shorter listing cycle and more flexible listing schedule
  2. Trading allocations for users are more flexible
  3. To facilitate the development of HT (Huobi Token), all HT exchanged will be burnt

The launch of the new platform is scheduled for May 9th. The first IEO on Prime Lite will be ThunderCore, which develops a blockchain with a bandwidth of more than 1,200 transactions per second. The project plans to raise about $ 500 thousand.