Air New Zealand makes contract of blockchain technology

Air New Zealand and Winding Tree collaborate to implement a blockchain
23 November 2017   813

Representatives of the airline company from New Zealand reported about a conclusion of collaboration agreement with the Swiss travel company Winding Tree. Is it known that they are planning to use blockchain technology for doing businesses. It’s expected that these measures can help to provide security while ticket booking and doing another similar procedures. Air New Zealand stated as evidence of partnership with Winding Tree that they had invested some money in ICO of Swiss company.

The chief digital officer Avi Golan noticed that the using of blockchains in various spheres of airline’s activities helps to share information more rapidly and don’t be afraid of leak of data. For buyers such collaboration is beneficial too because all transactional costs will be reduced.

Air New Zealand is not the first airline to use blockchain. Russian S7 and Air France recently made statements about using such technology.


Karpeles to Face Another 10 Years in Jail

Japanese enforcements agencies blamed Mt. Gox CEO in stilling $3M
12 December 2018   44

Japanese prosecutors blamed the head of the already inactive exchange Mt. Gox Mark Carpeles in embezzling 341 million yen ($ 3 million) from a bank account trading platform. The prosecutors made the corresponding statement in the Tokyo District Court, demanding 10 years of imprisonment for Karpeles, reports The Mainichi.

[Mark Karpeles] diverted company funds to such uses as investing in a software development business for personal interest" and "played a great role in totally destroying the confidence of bitcoin users.

Japanese prosecutors

It is noted that in September-December 2013, the head of MtGox allegedly transferred funds to personal bank accounts, and then invested in the software development business.

Carpeles is also accused of faking the data of the trading system of the exchange for the fabrication of balance sheets.

The deadline for accepting applications from affected investors as part of the civil rehabilitation of Mt. Gox has been extended until the end of December.