AI×Blockchain ecosystem to be developed by AI Crypto

The proposition addresses ineffective GPU resource usage and corporation oligopoly on research data sets
14 March 2018   451

A startup AI Crypto that deals with the matters of combining AI and blockchain in order to make machine learning more affordable has begun the development of the whole ecosystem for such hybrid concept. AI Crypto team today announced the release of their new technology and a consensus algorithm. Earlier GPU resources were misused as individuals were able to assign specific GPU calculations. With the introduction of Distributed GPU Network technology, requests are, as the name goes - distributed among all GPU pools homogeneously.

A new consensus algorithm Proof-of-Value was designed to verify transactions by means of machine learning calculations. On top of that, an incentive mechanism is proposed to give researchers a broader access to gigantic amounts of data sets: every time a shared data set is used its provider receives AI Crypto token in return. Eventually such approach will also facilitate a more even AI data distribution.

AI Crypto platform assumes that companies will be able to access models developed on the blockchain given that the developers have much less tedious environment of data access and model building. The developer team launches an ICO in May 2018, a beta API - in December 2018 with a full fledged release in june 2019.

AI Crypto aims to revolutionize both the blockchain and ai space. I envision a future where all AI calculations are run in the ai crypto platform.


SJ Lee

CEO, AI Crypto

ICOs to Lose Popularity, Diar Research Say

Diar assumes that in the future unregulated ICOs won't attract significant attention
11 December 2018   32

Although since the beginning of this year, ICO-startups have managed to raise over $ 12.2 billion, the November figure was only $ 65 million, according to data from a new study of the Diar portal.

According to analysts, the once popular method of financing, which allowed startups to attract tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in the absence of any product, exhausted itself against the background of fears about regulators' actions and the general dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, which did not leave retail investors with anything except for an unpleasant aftertaste.

This version is also supported by the data from the TokenData portal, which Diar leads in his research. Even with respect to the October levels, which constituted only a small fraction of what could be collected a few months ago, the November figures were 3 times lower.

Diar assumes that in the future unregulated ICOs as we have known them over the past years will no longer attract significant attention and will give way to regulated platforms of tokenized securities.