Almost $16,000 stolen at Ethereum wallet attack attacked by hackers sending phishing emails, but criminals quickly unveiled by ethical hacking expert 
26 October 2017   2978

The phishing campaign was uncovered by Wesley Neelen, a Dutch IT infrastructures security researcher, who has worked as an ethical hacker in several organizations for 6 years. He received an email from the criminals to his unique email address, known only by a limited mailing list, and decided to investigate this further. The malicious link in the email led to a fake version of the website. Little did cybercriminals know that they targeted a hacking expert.

Those who clicked the link were given the information about the upcoming Ethereum hard fork and asked to enter their private keys to unlock their accounts. The private keys and passwords were later used by hackers to steal all the coins from victims’ wallets.

Wesley Neelen stated that although the fake website was designed to look exactly like the original site, he noticed that the address of a fake website contained a small comma beneath the “t”, and the cybercriminals used a Unicode trick to register such domains.

Neelen found out that a certain people have already fallen victim to the scam as he found a file that contained a list of all the wallets stolen by the hackers.

The total amount stolen was determined by security experts as $15,875.65 in Ethereum which hackers were able to withdraw from the accounts in only two hours.

Hurun to Issue Global Unicorn List 2019

Bitmain, Coinbase and Ripple took first three places in the blockchain unicorn list
22 October 2019   97

Hurun Research Institute counted eleven startups with an estimate of over $ 1 billion in the bitcoin industry.

Bitmain was topped the rating with an estimate of $ 12 billion. Next are:

  • Coinbase - $ 8 billion;
  • Ripple - $ 5 billion;
  • Canaan - $ 3 billion;
  • Circle - $ 2 billion;
  • Binance - $ 2 billion;
  • Block.One - $ 2 billion;
  • Dfinity - $ 2 billion;
  • Ebang - $ 1.5 billion;
  • Bitfury - $ 1 billion;
  • Liquid Global - $ 1 billion

According to analysts, there are 494 technological “unicorns” in the world. Hurun includes non-public companies registered in the 2000s with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion.

In terms of the number of “unicorns,” the leaders were China (206) and the USA (203). In Europe, the institute counted 34 companies, of which 13 are based in the UK.

Top Countries and cities where the world’s unicorns are based

The blockchain sector ranked 16th in terms of total capitalization. 11 startups are estimated at a total of $ 40.5 billion. This represents 2% of the total capitalization of unicorns at $ 1.7 trillion.

Top Industries
Top Industries

The largest technological "unicorn" in the world is the Chinese fintech company Ant Financial with an estimate of $ 150 billion.

Startups in the bitcoin industry were younger than most - the average age was 5.36 years. The average capitalization rate of industry unicorns is $ 3.7 billion.