Amazon registered crypto-related domains

Online commerce giant had registered three domain names, related to the cryptocoins; what to expect? 
02 November 2017   1797

The world's largest online retailer and one of the most expensive company Amazon has registered web domains, the names of which consist of the words "cryptocurrency" and "Ethereum". This is reported by DomainNameWire.

Amazon Ethereum domain
Amazon Ethereum domain

The domains names '', '' and '' were registered on October 31, 2017 by Amazon Technologies, Inc. - a division of the global giant of online commerce. The numbers listed in the registration data belong to the legal department of Amazon.

For the time being, it is not yet clear for what purpose these domain names were registered. According to representatives of DomainNameWire, Amazon may, in the long term, intend to create its own crypto currency.

It is noteworthy that back in 2013 the company registered the domain name "", the redirect from which leads to the main page of

Previously known American investor, James Altucer said that in the near future Amazon will accept bitcoin as paymentment method. And although his forecast regarding October 26 as the date when this should happen did not materialize, the news about the registration of "crypto-currency" domains makes it necessary to take a fresh look at this situation.

Constantinople to be Postponed

Ethereum's hardfork will be late due to critical vulnerability found
16 January 2019   79

A scheduled upgrade of the Ethereum network called Constantinople was postponed indefinitely after a critical vulnerability was discovered in one of the improvements, CoinDesk reports.

This is a vulnerability in EIP-1283, which, as identified by the audit company SmartSecurity smart contracts, gave hackers the opportunity to steal user funds.

During a video conference on Tuesday with the participation of Ethereum developers and other clients and projects working on the network, it was decided to temporarily postpone the activation of the hard forks.

In particular, Vitaly Buterin, developers Hudson Jameson, Nick Johnson and Evan van Ness, as well as release manager of Parity Afri Shoedon took part in the meeting. Discussing the revealed vulnerability, they agreed that it would be impossible to eliminate it before the appointed time for hardfork (around 04:00 UTC on January 17).

A vulnerability, called a reentrancy attack, allows an attacker to repeatedly enter the same function and infinitely withdraw funds.

Imagine that my contract has a function which makes a call to another contract… If I’m a hacker and I’m able to trigger function a while the previous function was still executing, I might be able to withdraw funds.

Joanes Espanol

CTO, blockchain analytics firm Amberdata

According to him, this is a lot like the vulnerabilities that were discovered in The DAO in the summer of 2016.

Representatives of ChainSecurity also noted that up to the Constantinople hard fork, data storage on the network cost 5,000 units of gas, which exceeds the 2,300 gas usually needed to call the “transfer” and “send” functions. After the upgrade, “dirty” storage operations will cost 200 units of gas, and an attacking contract can use 2,300 gas to successfully manipulate the variables of vulnerable contracts.

New date of hardfork not yet determined.