Ambisafe launches Orderbook – an Ethereum-based token exchange

Ambisafe, an Ethereum asset management platform has announced its newest development — Orderbook, a trading platform for Ethereum-based ICO tokens. 
27 June 2017   1458

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Through this trading platform, ICO participants can take advantage of cutting edge security, in which all critical operations are executed via Ethereum smart contracts, and all assets will be held “on-chain”.

The new trading platform Orderbook, which is currently available in alpha version, aims to streamline operations and ensure transparency for both ICO founders and traders. It seeks to tap into the craze surrounding ICOs, a method used by a growing number of blockchain companies to raise funding. All asset information will be available on the platform including trading protocols, dividend history, transaction volumes and analytics from trusted cryptocurrency sources.

In the past, Ambisafe had helped to set up successful ICOs for several blockchain companies including Polybius, TaaS and Chronobank.


Is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements 

Last year, in addition, Ambisafe was chosen alongside KitSoft, Distributed Lab and Titanovo, as one of the vendors to develop a blockchain-based government elections solution for Ukraine. As part of the initiative, Ambisafe build up and presented a prototype of the system based on the Ethereum platform.

Furthermore, Bancor, a project aimed at creating a platform that makes it easier for users to launch their own blockchain-based tokens, raised 153 000 000 $ faunding. It was one of the world’s largest crowdfunding campaign in the history. Investors were Blockchain Capital, a venture capital firm, and Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Other notable ICOs of this year is web browser startup "Brave", which raised US$35 million in just a few seconds. Also, Status, an open source messaging platform and mobile browser running on the Ethereum network, raised over US$100 million several weeks ago.

Users Suspected RusGas of Scam

Reddit users have already accused RusGas of exit scam, since its behavior is much like  recent scam project Oyster Protocol
07 December 2018   97

The RusGas cryptocurrency project (RGS) demonstrates disturbing signs and releases new tokens in excess of the pre-set emission limit, Cryptovest reports. With an aggregate capitalization of $ 117, RGS trading volume for the last few days is $ 35,000. Events unfold against the backdrop of promises made by the project organizers about the upcoming restart.

Most of the RGS trade is focused on the Crex24 exchange, which has a daily  of $ 700,000. RusGas had a daily volume of several million dollars in its best days, which already then caused questions about the authenticity of this value.

According to CoinMarketCap, RGS emissions are limited to 10 billion tokens, but Etherscan indicates that currently 298 addresses contain 860 billion RGS. The rapid growth of emissions was recorded in recent days and hours. The largest wallet contains 99% of all tokens, which is probably the crex24 wallet. The developers themselves explain these movements to the next restart.

Reddit users have already accused RusGas of exit scam, since its behavior is much like  recent scam project Oyster Protocol(PRL), when the additional issue feature was used in a smart contract.

The likelihood of such an outcome is a characteristic feature of projects based on the Ethereum protocol, which allows additional emission of tokens through a smart contract at the discretion of its owner, not to mention other vulnerabilities that cost investors a lot of money.

RusGas is based on the idea of ​​using tokens and blockchains to optimize the Russian gas industry. Despite the dubiousness of the project’s mission, the data on the network indicates that in April of this year he managed to raise $ 2.2 million for ICO.