AMD is Ramping up Production Because of Graphic Cards Shortage

Due to the current shortage of AMD’s Radeon graphics cards, the company is working on that problem by manufacturing more units  
02 February 2018   1366

In order to respond to both crypto mining and gaming markets, AMD is planning to increase production of graphics cards, which are currently in short supply because of the crypto mining popularity. For instance the recently launched RX Vega GPUs is now out of stock.

According to AMD press release  the revenue from the company’s Graphics Division has reached almost a billion dollars in the last quarter of 2017. Taking into account the shortages, AMD is trying to satisfy both miners and gamers.

High prices of different cryptocurrencies inspired investors and enthusiastic miners to invest and buy GPUs. They are used to mining currencies like Ethereum which requires moderate computing power.

The main AMD’s competitor, Nvidia, forced by miners’ appetite, took steps to ensure gamers that they have a chance to get hold of its video processors. It limited the number of graphic cards that can be purchased at a time.

At the same time, AMD  admitted that its Radeon cards were in short supply because of miners. That is why the company hopes to satisfy the growing demand by increasing production.

CEO Dr. Lisa Su stated that the company is ramping up production. Shae presented the latest corporate earning report saying that cryptocurrency mining market is good for business. Advanced Micro Devices has announced $1.48 billion USD of revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017. $958 million of that total came from its Computing and Graphics division, where the year-on-year increase reached 60%. Sales of graphics cards, like the new Vega 56 and Vega 64, have been a key factor.

However, there are other important players which may influence AMD’s ability to satisfy gamers and miners. The company will also work to overcome the deficit of RAM. GDDR5 and HBM2 are the two main types of memory chips used in its RX 400, 500 and the new RX Vega graphics cards.

Another factor is that the miner’s demand tends to change due to the increasing or decreasing value of crypto.

Bitfury to Represent Bitcoin Mining Optimization Chip

The product is called Bitfury Clarke ASIC and it's based on five successful generations of mining chips
20 September 2018   137

Bitfury Group introduced a new generation of hardware for bitcoin mining under the control of the integrated microcircuit Bitfury Clarke ASIC.

Five successful generations of Bitfury mining chips are the basis for new Bitfury Clarke ASIC. According to the developers, the new chip has the highest performance characteristics among the bitcoin mining hardware.

14nm Bitfury Clarke ASIC is fully optimized for Bitcoin Mining on SHA256. The hashing capacity is up to 120 Gigahets per second (GH / s) with energy costs of only 55 miljoules per gigahash (mJ / GH). The minimum required mains voltage is 0.3 V.

In addition to selling Bitfury Clarke chips, Bitfury also integrates Bitfury Clarke into other hardware, including its own servers for mining and BlockBoxes, as well as in the mining centers in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Georgia.