Android Studio to Receive Version 3.2

Since the announcement, the developers have completed more than 20 functions and made this version more stable
27 September 2018   575

The company announced the release of Android Studio 3.2, which was available as a beta version for last 3 months. Since the announcement at the Google I / O 2018 conference, the developers have completed more than 20 functions and made this version more stable. The development environment is available for download to everyone.

One of the main reasons to take advantage of the development environment from Google is the Android App Bundle. Thanks to the new format, developers can create, sign and download only 1 object instead of a large number of APK-files for several devices. In addition, the App Bundle set reduces the size of applications.

The development environment from Google has received many new features, including the following:

  • Kotlin 1.2.61 with Android 9 Pie SDK support;
  • D8 Desugaring, thanks to which you can use the new features of Java even on older versions of Android. The function is enabled by default;
  • R8 Optimizer replaced ProGuard. With it, you can reduce the size of the Java bytecode. However, this is an experimental function, so the company does not recommend using it for applications release;
  • Emulator Snapshots - save the current state of the emulator. Subsequently, the developer will be able to run any of these saveings. It should be noted that the function is built on the basis of Android Emulator Quickboot, but Emulator Snapshots allows you to save and load saved states faster;

Android Studio
Android Studio 

  • support for AMD processors in Android Emulator;
  • Energy Profiler - a tool with which you can evaluate the energy consumption of the application both during operation and when you are in the background.
  • System Trace - analog Energy Profiler. The difference is that instead of information about energy consumption, it provides data on the use of CPU resources.

In order to use the latest version of the development environment from Google, it must be downloaded from the official site. In addition, you need to install Android Emulator version not lower than v28.0.7, if you need Android Emulator functions during development.

New Vulnerability to be Found in Google+

Due to this vulnerability it was possible to obtain private information of 52.5 million accounts
11 December 2018   55

Google decided to close the social network Google+ not in August 2019, but in April. The reason was another vulnerability in the API, due to which it was possible to obtain private information of 52.5 million accounts. The company plans to close the social network API until mid-March 2019.

By December 10, 2018, the following error information was published:

  • Third-party applications requesting access to profile data, because of the bug in the API, received permission to view information, even if it is hidden by privacy settings;
  • the names of users, their email addresses, information about occupation, age and other confidential information were at risk;
  • passwords, financial data and national identification numbers have not been compromised;
  • the company has no evidence that anyone has exploited the vulnerability;
  • the error was fixed within 6 days: from November 7 to November 13, 2018.
  • Google said it sends notifications to all users affected by the bug.

The previous data leak of Google+ users occurred in October 2018. Then about 500 thousand accounts were compromised. The attackers could get the names, email addresses, age, gender and occupation of users.