Android Users Can Buy ETH Thru Opera

Only Scandinavian country users have this option at the moment
07 February 2019   715

Ethereum cryptocurrency can now be purchased directly through the wallet embedded in the Opera browser application for Android devices. However, at this stage, this opportunity is available to residents of only three Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark, reports Breakermag.

You can buy cryptocurrency using credit, debit cards and payment systems, while creating a separate account for this is not necessary. Users will only need to log in to BankID electronic identification system in Norway and Sweden or NemID in Denmark.

Customer verification is provided by Safello service, regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority. It is worth noting, however, quite high commissions of the service upon purchase - they usually make up 7%, but at the initial stage there will be a discount: 2.5% for users from Sweden and 5% for residents of Denmark and Norway.

According to the developers, the transfer of the ether to the user's wallet occurs within one minute.

We hope that by removing all this friction, developers will be able to reach a wider audience more easily, and in turn build new web3 services that have a more mainstream appeal.

Charles Hamel

Product lead for crypto, Opera

Which countries will get access to the service is not reported yet.

dOrg to Become The First DAO With Legal Status in US

DAO is a company in which the centralized leadership and hierarchy is replaced by a smart contract
13 June 2019   200

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dOrg based on the DAOstack framework registered dOrg LLC in Vermont, USA. This was the first precedent in the United States, according to law firm Gravel & Shea.

According to the company, the blockchain-based limited liability company (BBLLC) has a legal status, which allows it to enter into agreements and protect the interests of participants in accordance with applicable law.

Note that a DAO is a company in which the centralized leadership and hierarchy is replaced by a smart contract. Decisions in such organizations are made by voting by the participants, which provides consensus.

dOrg asked us to help design a DAO legal wrapper after discovering the potential of BBLLCs. We believe that dOrg is now the first legal entity that directly references blockchain code as its source of governance. Its material operations and ownership interests are managed entirely on-chain.

Oliver Goodenough

Law professor, Vermont Law School and special counsel, Gravel & Shea

dOrg believes that they have made the first step in integrating the DAO format into the existing economy.

Some time ago, Moloch DAO attracted 1000 ETH from Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, start-up ConsenSys and non-profit organization Ethereum Foundation.