Angular 5 delay

5th version of popular JavaScript framework is targeted to be released on 23th of October
18 September 2017   692

Angular 5, the next major update of popular JavaScript framework, created by Google, was planned to be released this month. But the release date is now set to October 23, due to the fact that developer team needs more time to work on the update. This is reported by the InfoWorld.

As a result, it seems that 6th version should be released in March or April of 2018, and Angular 7 in September or October 2018. Each version is promised to be backward-compatible with the last release.

Angular 5’s promised features are: creating progressive web apps, build optimizer and accommodations for Material Design components.

The gap between Angular and Angular 2 was a few-years long. Google started to release new version 2 times in a year. Also, the 3rd version was skipped and Angular 4 was released. 

How to command robots with Angular?

Sebastian Witalec, Technical Evangelist for Progress/Telerik talks about NativeScript framework
17 October 2017   291

NativeScript is a free and open source JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android apps. Add to that Angular with TypeScript and you will get a truly amazing combination. Then chip in some drones and robots with a BLE API and you are ready to rock.

But I know what you’re thinking: another way of building apps? What makes NativeScript special? Here are a few cool things:

  • Direct access to native APIs—no plugins required. Want to create a file on Android? Run new—in JavaScript!
  • Completely native performance through the use of a JavaScript bridge natively available on all three mobile platforms.
  • Cross-platform libraries for common use cases. Need to call a JSON API? Run http.getJSON
  • Style native apps using CSS. Yep, that’s actually a thing.

Speaker is Sebastian Witalec. He is a Technical Evangelist for Progress/Telerik with over 8 years of experience in software engineering and architecture. Sebastian has passion for all types of technologies. However in the last few years his focus shifted towards cross platform Mobile development where he gained experience with Apache Cordova and NativeScript. He is always happy to learn about the new stuff and to pass the knowledge as far as his voice (or the wire) can take him. Sebastian is based in London, UK actively working with various Dev communities in the area. When not acting techie he is a massive football fan/player (probably bigger at heart than skills).