Antminer X3 Announced

Will new product of Bitmain be profitable? Let's try to figure out
15 March 2018   5596

Bitmain, one of the largest mining equipment manufacturer, released another product - Antminer X3.

Antminer X3
Antminer X3

Antminer X3 Specs

Let's check the specs:

  • Mining algorithm - CryptoNight.
  • Hashrate - 220 KH / s.
  • Weight - 7 kilos.
  • Price - 11,999 dollars for the first batch (May 15-31) / $ 7,599 for the second batch (June 15-31).
  • Power consumption - 550 Watts.
  • Limitation - no more than one miner to each buyer.

Bitmain says that the described characteristics are preliminary. In real life, higher performance expected. Details on the dimensions and other small things isn't available yet. 

Antminer X3 Profitability

Now, the most interesting part - profitability. Let's use the Whattomine. 

Antminer X3 Profitability
Antminer X3 Profitaiblity

Almost 200$ dollars a day, great! But in real world, everything can vary.

SoftBank to Sell $3.4B Worth Nvidia Shares

Nvidia's shares lost price significantly due to crypto mining popularity decrese, experts says
07 February 2019   150

Vision Fund, the investment division of Japanese media corporation SoftBank, last month sold shares of Nvidia, a manufacturer of video cards popular among the miners, for $ 3.6 billion. This is reported by CNBC.

The decision to sell shares to Nvidia was made after a significant reduction in their exchange rate. The market value of the company's securities fell by about half during the last quarter of last year.

According to experts, the decline in the company's capitalization is largely due to the sharp decline in the popularity of cryptocurrency mining.