Antpool Added Siacoin Support

One of the largest mining pool now supports new token
19 January 2018   1812

AntPool, one of the largest crypto-currency mining pools, now supports the mining of the Siacoin token.

In parallel, Bitmain, which owns AntPool and is simultaneously the Chinese mining chips production giant, has released a new mining device called AntMiner A3. According to the Blockchain, at the time of publication on AntPool accounted for 18% of the hash-beat of the network bitcoin.

Siacoin is a personal lock token called Sia, developed by the Boston Nebulous blockchain start-up to support its decentralized cloud storage.

According to Bitmain, its new device, running at 815 GH / s, supports the hash algorithm of blake2b, which is also used for mining in the Siacoin blockbuster.

At the moment of press, these are the main market parameters of SC:

  • Average price: $0,053306
  • Market cap: $1 673 587 270 USD 
  • 24h volume: $116 155 000

Mining Companies Approached Quebec

Miners are hoping to take advantage of Canadian electric utility Hydro-Quebec cheap rates
17 February 2018   146

During an interview with CTV News Montreal, spokesman Marc-Antoine Pouliot told that more than 100 crypto mining companies approached Hydro-Quebec. Few of them have already settled there.

According to Pouliot, some farms would consume more than 20x the power required for Montreal's sports and entertainment complex, The Bell Centre.

One project like that isn't a problem, but now we're talking hundreds.

Marc-Antoine Pouliot


Hydro-Quebec is attracting mining companies to the province with its low rates, but the cheap energy and cold weather - ideal for keeping mining machines cool.

Pouliot stated that Hydro-Quebec has a surplus of energy, which makes miners interesting clients. Taking this into account, Hydro-Quebec may raise energy rates for crypto businesses.