Apple to Develop CryptoKit Framework

Using CryptoKit, developers will be able to perform cryptographic operations, including hashing and key generation
05 June 2019   762

Apple is going to present a set of tools for developers CryptoKit, integrated into the new iOS 13. It is reported by The Block.

It is reported that with the help of CryptoKit, developers will be able to perform cryptographic operations, including hashing and key generation. This will increase the security of applications and automate the execution of tasks.

It is also known that the toolkit will allow you to interact with both private keys managed by the Secure Enclave system and public ones, as well as generate encryption / decryption keys for message authentication.

For the first time, developers can leverage the secure enclave to manage a user’s keys in an iPhone, achieving a similar level of security to hardware wallets.

Alejandro Machado

Co-founder, Open Money Initiative

Apple is interested in blockchain technology. So, in February, the company reported to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the observance of human rights in a global network of suppliers of raw materials for production. Notably, the document said that Apple was involved in the development of the Blockchain Handbook for the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Initiative for Mineral Supply Chains.

Bazel 2.0 to be Released

Bazel is the open source built tool, created by Google that builds the project by running the necessary compilers and tests
25 December 2019   536

The release of Bazel 2.0 is available, developed by engineers from Google. Bazel builds the project by running the necessary compilers and tests. The assembly and testing of code in Java, C ++, Objective-C, Python, Rust, Go and many other languages ​​is supported, as well as the assembly of mobile applications for Android and iOS. Project code is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

A significant change in version is due to the addition of changes that violate backward compatibility. Starting with Bazel 2.0, the default modes are “--incompatible_remap_main_repo” (links by name and through @ now refer to the same repository), “--incompatible_disallow_dict_lookup" _ (using non-hashed keys), "--incompatible_remove_native_maven_jar" and "--hibin_apt . Among other changes:

  • The aquery team now has experimental support for a new reduction of the output format "proto" (--output = proto), which is currently disabled by default (--incompatible_proto_output_v2) and provides a more compact representation of the data;
  • Added flag "--incompatible_remove_enabled_toolchain_types" to remove the PlatformConfiguration.enabled_toolchain_types field;
  • Added protection against downloading packages, upon loading of which cyclic symbolic links are used when opening paths;
  • The ability to use the "--disk_cache" flag with external gRPC caches is implemented;
  • The package for Debian and the binary installer includes an improved layer that processes ~ / .bazelversion files and the environment variable $ USE_BAZEL_VERSION;
  • In preparation for translating files with the runfiles manifest into the category of obsolete features, the flag --experimental_skip_runfiles_manifests has been added.

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