Apple & Facebook Stocks Can be Bought with Crypto

Abra mobile app launches new feature of buying companies stocks with cryptocurrency
07 February 2019   601

The mobile application provider Abra has announced the expansion of product functionality by adding the option of investing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into traditional financial instruments, such as company stocks and exchange traded funds (ETF).

According to the company, the application will be available to residents of 155 countries of the world, and investments in stocks and ETF throughout the year 2019 will not be subject to commissions. The minimum amount of financial investments is set at an exceptionally affordable level of $ 5.

Initially, the Abra app will have 50 assets available for investment, including shares of companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, SPDR Gold Trust exchange funds, Vanguard Growth and S & P 500, as well as indexes like Russell 2000.

The application itself is not castodial, that is, it does not store user assets. As the company notes, using the bitcoin blockchain for this purpose, it makes transactions “more secure and private than their counterparts in the centralized databases used by most cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets”.

Besides global access, we also believe that financial products should be simple to use and easy to understand. To meet those goals of easy access, we are continually improving the Abra app experience, and giving users the information (like price charts and asset summaries) to make informed investment decisions.

Bill Barhydt


Abra says that the blockchain capabilities allow any asset that “has a reliable flow of quotations” to be tied to the bitcoin price.

Kraken to Raise $13.5 Thru BnkToTheFuture

2,263 people with an average investment of $100.000 took part in crownfunding campaign, which became record for the platform
25 June 2019   166

The US Bitcoin exchange Kraken raised $ 13.5 million through the sale of private equity through the investment platform BnkToTheFuture (BF). This was the most successful round of financing from individual investors in the history of BF, reports CoinDesk.

So, in total Kraken crowdfunding campaign was attended by 2,263 people with an average investment of $ 100 thousand. The funds raised are probably used by the exchange to make new acquisitions.

It is noteworthy that BF created a subsidiary, which became the recipient of individual investments in order to subsequently act as a single investor for Kraken. This allowed the exchange to bypass the requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Act and not to go to an IPO.

It is noteworthy that Kraken initially intended to raise $ 10.2 million, but the demand for its shares turned out to be higher and the exchange extended the fundraising period.

According to Kraken's own estimates, its capitalization is $ 4 billion.

Earlier this year, the exchange also acquired Crypto Facilities, a trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives, expanding the range of services offered.