Apple to Roll Out FoundationDB 6.0.15

FoundationDB is used by Apple itself and supports such languages ​​as C / C ++, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js, etc
20 November 2018   480

Apple introduced the release of 6.0.15 cross-platform DBMS FoundationDB for processing large sets of structured data. This is the first stable release of the sixth branch of the DBMS. FoundationDB is a class of NoSQL systems that manipulate data in key / value format. The database is used by Apple itself and supports such languages ​​as C / C ++, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js and PHP.

Main new features:

  • Now it is possible to host a cluster with storage and groups of nodes in different regions. In this case, one region receives write permissions, while the rest synchronously or asynchronously replicate data. In the event of a failure in the main region, the right to record is transferred to another.
  • TLS-plugin is statically linked to client and server executable files, and not a separate library. Added support for verification of peers using the values ​​specified in the subjectAltName certificate field. To do this, use the extension X.509 SAN (Subject Alternative Name). Added the ability to automatically reload certificates after renewal.
  • The fileconfigure command has been added to the terminal, which allows you to configure the database based on a JSON document;
  • Improved transaction logging, load balancing, transaction commit, key caching, and CPU utilization. Accelerated disaster recovery.

FoundationDB supports full-fledged transactions that meet ACID requirements. This DBMS can be used by other systems for distributed information storage in a consistent state. The use of different query languages ​​is supported.

In addition, FoundationDB has these features:

  • store any data types within the same database. Data is presented in a key / value format.
  • work with SSD drives and a bunch of RAM + drive. In the latter case, only transaction logs are flushed to disk.
  • easy to scale.
  • to function effectively on standard equipment. As stated, the DBMS requires minimal hardware costs, but it can work with high loads.
  • used in industrial infrastructure.

Apple acquired FoundationDB in 2015, and in April 2018 opened its source code. It is written in C ++ and is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

CMake 3.14.0 to be Available

CMake is a cross-platform free and open-source software application for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method
15 March 2019   105

The release of the pplication for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method CMake 3.14, acting as an alternative to Autotools and used in projects such as KDE, LLVM / Clang, MySQL, MariaDB, ReactOS and Blender. CMake code is written in C ++ and is distributed under the BSD license.

CMake is notable for providing simple scripting language, tools for extending functionality through modules, a minimum number of dependencies (no binding to M4, Perl or Python), support for caching, the availability of tools for cross-compiling, support for generating assembly files for a wide range of build systems and compilers, the ctest and cpack utilities for defining test scripts and package building, with the cmake-gui utility for interactively setting build parameters.

Get more info new features at official page.