Apple to Roll Out FoundationDB 6.0.15

FoundationDB is used by Apple itself and supports such languages ​​as C / C ++, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js, etc
20 November 2018   231

Apple introduced the release of 6.0.15 cross-platform DBMS FoundationDB for processing large sets of structured data. This is the first stable release of the sixth branch of the DBMS. FoundationDB is a class of NoSQL systems that manipulate data in key / value format. The database is used by Apple itself and supports such languages ​​as C / C ++, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js and PHP.

Main new features:

  • Now it is possible to host a cluster with storage and groups of nodes in different regions. In this case, one region receives write permissions, while the rest synchronously or asynchronously replicate data. In the event of a failure in the main region, the right to record is transferred to another.
  • TLS-plugin is statically linked to client and server executable files, and not a separate library. Added support for verification of peers using the values ​​specified in the subjectAltName certificate field. To do this, use the extension X.509 SAN (Subject Alternative Name). Added the ability to automatically reload certificates after renewal.
  • The fileconfigure command has been added to the terminal, which allows you to configure the database based on a JSON document;
  • Improved transaction logging, load balancing, transaction commit, key caching, and CPU utilization. Accelerated disaster recovery.

FoundationDB supports full-fledged transactions that meet ACID requirements. This DBMS can be used by other systems for distributed information storage in a consistent state. The use of different query languages ​​is supported.

In addition, FoundationDB has these features:

  • store any data types within the same database. Data is presented in a key / value format.
  • work with SSD drives and a bunch of RAM + drive. In the latter case, only transaction logs are flushed to disk.
  • easy to scale.
  • to function effectively on standard equipment. As stated, the DBMS requires minimal hardware costs, but it can work with high loads.
  • used in industrial infrastructure.

Apple acquired FoundationDB in 2015, and in April 2018 opened its source code. It is written in C ++ and is available under the Apache 2.0 license. Website Hacked

Looks like hacker is mad about new Linux Community Code of Conduct
11 December 2018   53

On December 7, 2018, the website was hacked. Swear worlds appeared on its main page. Unknown hackers expressed their protest against the updated version of the Code of Conduct document.

Responsible for hacking and deface of the site, as reported, is a Twitter user under the pseudonym kitlol5 — he/she published a screenshot, judging by which he got access to domain management,,, and

Hacker's screenshot

Also, according to kitlol5, he/she hacked the domain registrar, through which was registered. According to the registrar, control has already been restored.

kitlol5 got access to the domain registrar account, apparently through the hacked owner’s mailbox, and then changed the DNS settings. This provided a deface.

During the “retaliation rally”, kitlol5 scoffed at the new version of the Code of Conduct, published the developer’s personal data, including the home address and social security number that Contributor Covenant created. kitlol5 called him "enemy number one", but it is not clear personal enemy or the whole project.

The Code of Conduct update was released in October 2018. In particular, it is recommended to contact the Code of Conduct Committee to resolve disputable situations. This was previously done by the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board. The new version of the document is based on the Contributor Covenant, which is used by the developers of GitLab, Ruby and several other projects. Not everyone liked this innovation.