Appsignal launched an Elixir learning course

Well known bugtracker service started own learning course
20 June 2017   2876



 Dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.

Widly known bugtracker service Appsignal is designed for Ruby and Elixir webapps. It provides real time notifications (can be integrated with slack and email), detailed reports for every error, creates error lists and rates. Pricing depends on number of month request. free 30 days trial is available.

Recently, Appsignal started an email series for studying Elixir, called Elixir Alchemy.

elixir alchemy webpage
Elixir Alchemy webpage

Course is free. At the moment, first edition is available, called "Demystifying processes in Elixir".

Demystifying processes in Elixir
Demystifying processes in Elixir learning edition

It cover such topic as processes in Elixir. Students will learn: 

  • The Task module;
  • Processes in Erlang;
  • Messaging;
  • Crashes and timeouts;
  • Error handling with linked processes;
  • Process supervision and letting it crash;
  • How Tasks run functions asynchronously;
  • The basics of concurrency in Elixir.

Tons of examples and easy to read, well structured material. Will suit for those, who have basic skills in programming and would like to get familiar with Elixir.

Elixir v1.7.0-rc.0 Released

Development team ask community to try out new release 
17 July 2018   1953

Elixir team rolled out zero release candidate for version 1.7.0.

Hi everyone,

We have just released v1.7.0-rc.0.

Please give it a try! You can either compile the v1.7 branch from source OR use the precompiled files, as described in our install page 11.

Note that you will need {:ex_doc, "~> 0.19-rc"}if you want to generate docs using the release candidate.

Happy coding!


Creator, Elixir

Currently Elixir supports two metadata keys: :deprecated and :since. Other keys will be added in the future. 

To access the new documentation, developers should use Code.fetch_docs/1. The old documentation format is no longer available and the old Code.get_docs/1 function will return nil accordingly.

Tools like IEx and ExDoc have been updated to leverage the new format and show relevant metadata to users

Learn more at GitHub