Argentinian Bank to Use BTC For Cross Border Payments

Banco Masventas joined forces with Bitex exchange to use Bitcoin as an alternative for SWIFT
22 May 2018   1095

Banco Masventas from Argentina announced that starting it will allow its customers to send cross-border transfers using bitcoin, CoinDesk reports.

The regional bank entered into an agreement with the Latin American exchange Bitex, founded in 2014, and will use bitcoin as an alternative to Swift.

The representative of the exchange said that this cooperation was the first example of the use of bitcoin by a local bank for cross-border payments.

The main shareholder of Banco Masventas, José Dacak, said that the latest solution will contribute to the development of digital banking services, including those targeted at mobile devices, and will reduce the cost of servicing cross-border payments.

One of the actions was to contract Bitex as a strategic partner in the implementation of the Bitex platform for payments and collections operations for our clients abroad.

José Dacak

Principal shareholder, Banco Masventas

The bank has not yet committed transactions using Bitcoin, as the service starts to operate only today, Bitex representative explained. 

Craig Wright to Claim to be Satoshi Again

He explained that the false information surrounding Bitcoin and blockchain-derived systems made him come out of the shadows
18 February 2019   95

A senior researcher at nChain, Craig Wright, sent the Commission on the US Exchange Commodity Trading (CFTC) introductory information on cryptocurrency mechanics in response to a request from the Office. But even in the official document he did not miss the opportunity to remind everyone that it was he who allegedly was the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

My name is Dr. Craig Wright and under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto I completed a project I started in 1997 that was filed with the Australian government in part under an AusIndustry project registered with the Dept. of Innovation as BlackNet. Ethereum is a poorly designed copy of bitcoin designed with the purpose of completing the promise of smart contracts and scripting that were delivered within bitcoin but which were hobbled by the core developers of bitcoin who sought to enable anonymous transactions to exist within the system. 

Craig Wright


Earlier in February, the “self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto” announced that he possesses a patent, allegedly capable of restricting the right to issue JPM Coin.

In October 2017, Craig Wright made a mistake confirming that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto.