Asynchronous approaches in Java

Video report about the evolution on asynchronous approaches in Java
29 August 2017   1513

In this video, we will observe the evolution on asynchronous approaches in Java.

You will learn:

  • the concept of Reactive programming.
  • observe the necessary historical infrastructure evolved starting from the early Java.
  • how to use the new but forgotten Java 8 out of the box API CompletableFuture for reactive approach in java programming and unlock a better multithreading performance in intuitive way

About the speaker - Dmitry Aleksandrov. Currently Principal Expert-Developer at T-Systems, Bulgarian JUG co-lead, conference co-org. Over one decade experience in Java Enterprise in areas like Banking, Insurance and Telecoms. But still very interested in dynamic languages on JVM and massive computations.

Tiobe February 2019 Index Released

Groove language is in top 20 again; it's popularity increased due to Gradle; Java is 1st
11 February 2019   334

In February, search engine statistics showed that the dynamically typed Groovy language is gaining popularity again. As analysts of TIOBE noted, it was already in the top twenty of the TIOBE index in 2016 on the wave of interest in the Jenkins system for continuous integration. Now it is pushed forward by the Gradle assembly automation system.

TIOBE Februry 2019 Index
TIOBE Februry 2019 Index

More analysts noticed that the language Hack this month entered the top 50, and TypeScript left it (in their opinion, temporarily). Since February last year, Python and C ++ swapped places, and again topped the list with Java and C.