Augmentors step into alpha stage

AR game with in-game cryptocurrency market powered by Databits on March 29 is starting its alpha testing with 5 characters available and basic matchmaking
22 March 2018   1655

Augmented reality creature battle game built on Bitcoin network Augmentors is launching alpha testing of the game. The event called 'Token Holder Alpha' will take place from March 29 till April 2 (previously it was till March 30, but the period was extended due to the fact that in most parts of the world this timeframe is going to be long weekend). Players will be able to use 5 starter creatures during the alpha testing and Augmentors team will be online throughout the whole phase to battle against players as well as player themselves will be able to engage each other.

Augmentors also upgraded ARCore to version 1.0 and thus more devices have now become compatible with the game engine. Along with that, a basic non-AR mode is also introduced as Early Backer Alpha stage testing revealed players troubled with AR constrictions (for instance, finding suitable playing surface).

In order to play Augmentors, users need to first buy creatures and other game items in the Creatures store with Databit - a Bitcoin meta-token. To be eligible for Token Holder Alpha, players need to sign up for it, hold Databits (DTB), and share DTB wallet address, current mobile device and country of origin when signing up.

At the moment of publication, the market indicators for Databits are as follows:

Average price: $0.571445

Market cap: $12,999,121

Volume (24h): $14,135

Argo Blockchain to Report on x10 Revenue Increase

For the 2019, the company received Bitcoin mining revenue of £ 8.5 million, in 2018 it was £ 760,000
20 January 2020   97

Bitcoin mining company Argo Blockchain said this Monday that its revenue from its core business in 2019 increased 10 times. According to a press release on the website of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), where Argo shares are traded, for the first full year in business, the company received revenue of £ 8.5 million compared to £ 760,000 in 2018.

Argo listing on the main LSE market took place in August 2018. The data presented were not audited - the reports after the audit will be available in April.

The company clarifies that in the fourth quarter of 2019, it mined 432 bitcoins, which is six bitcoins higher than in the third quarter. However, in the last quarter, the company's revenue fell to £ 2.66 million, while in the third quarter it was £ 3.63 million.

Our mining operations continued to generate industry-best mining margin in the last quarter despite a softening in market conditions from the previous quarter. Our state-of-the-art mining platform is performing as expected and with the expansion of our mining network on pace, along with the recent rise with the price of Bitcoin, Argo is well-placed for a strong year ahead.


Peter Wall

Argo Blockchain CEO

 The company is increasing mining capacity in anticipation of halving and currently has 13,364 devices, including 6,375 Bitmain Antminer T17s, which were installed on January 1. By the end of the quarter, Argo intends to add another 3,625 of the same miners. It is estimated that with a full set of 17,000 devices, its computing capacity will exceed 650 petaheches.