Augur to be Criticized as 'Assassination Markets'

Users of "decetralized totalizator" make bets on deaths of celebrities and even a terrorist acts
26 July 2018   1042

On the Internet there was a criticism of the Augur platform, which is called a "decentralized totalizator". Users express indignation over the possibility of creating bets on the death of a person, as well as the likelihood of committing terrorist acts. This is reported by Bitsonline.

One of the bitcoin developers Matt Odell in his Twitter commented on the appearance, he said, of the "market of assassins" on Augur

Matt Odell Twitter
Matt Odell Twitter

Users of the Augur platform make bets on the date of death of people such as Warren Buffett (head of Berkshire Hathaway), Jeff Bezos (head of Amazon), Betty White (American actress and TV presenter) or US Senator John McCain.

And Larry Chemak from Diar found even more controversial rates. So, users vote whether Donald Trump will be killed during his presidency, and whether there will be shooting in the US with more than 4 killed before the end of 2018.

Larry Cermak Twitter
Larry Cermak Twitter

Because if you provide financial incentives to commit crime there will likely be a tipping point at which someone cracks and feels incentivized enough. Keep in mind there are already deranged killers out there who are currently unpaid... this gives them an income source.

Jackson Palmer

Founder, Dogecoin

Representatives of The Forecast Foundation, Augur developers, emphasize that users are responsible for making predictions.

Markets on Augur are created by individual users of the Augur protocol. The Forecast Foundation does not operate or control, nor can it control, what markets and actions people perform and create on the Augur protocol. People who do create markets using the Augur protocol must ensure they’re in compliance with all their local jurisdictional laws, rules and regulations.

Forecast Foundation 

The launch of the Augur mainnet took place on July 10. Over a week the turnover of transactions exceeded $ 1.5 million.

Bitfinex to List BTT

As became known, asset trading is available in pairs with Bitcoin and US dollars
19 February 2019   86

Following the South Korean Bithumb BitTorrent token (BTT) appeared in the Bitfinex cryptocurrency listing.

Asset trading is available in pairs with Bitcoin and US dollars.

Also the other day Bitfinex technical director Paolo Ardoino said that recently work on the decentralized trading platform EOSfinex has been actively promoted.

According to him, the public beta of the platform operating in the test network will be presented within the next 2-3 weeks.