Austrian Government allocates €8 million for blockchain research

This funds will be directed to establishment of a new Research Institute for Cryptoeconomy at University of Vienna
07 December 2017   1256

In the beginning of December the first meeting of invited experts took place at University of Vienna. The event was graced by the presence of Austrian Minister of Science, Research and Economy Harald Mahrer. The main effort of the gathering was establishment of a new Research Institute for Cryptoeconomy, which will be headquartered in Vienna.

The newly created institute will focus on development of new implementations of blockchain technology in digital services. Austrian private sector expressed great interest in blockchain technology usage to regulate different aspects of existing and emerging business ventures. One of the major Austrian energy suppliers, Wien Energie, is interested in several possible applications of blockchain, including regulation of peer-to-peer energy transfer. In turn, Austrian government indicates, that it will support the new regulations that will legally enable such uses of blockchain.

During the meeting Mahrer announced, that Austrian Government will support the Institute by allocating €8 million research fund. He stated, that the business will greatly benefit from using blockchain technology and that it's essential to explore this possibilities without restrictions from regulatory efforts.

Sparkpool to Freeze $300k Reward

As reported, pool suggests that such a high commission could have been paid by someone in error and is considering the possibility of a refund
20 February 2019   69

The Sparkpool mining pool decided to freeze the remuneration in the amount of 2,103,1485 for the extraction of block # 7,238,290. The management of the organization suggests that such a high commission could have been paid by someone in error and is considering the possibility of a refund, CoinDesk reports.

The head of the Sparkpool Xin Xu argues that users of the pool understand and agree with the decision, given the size of the amount involved.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, blockchain is so far not completely run by machines; human are still involved. So we have an opportunity to correct the problem. Integrity is our pool’s priority.

Xin Xu

CEO, Sparkpool

While some users suggested that a large commission was paid by mistake, others admitted that this could be a goodwill gesture from an anonymous donor to the community of the miner or even an attempt to launder money through the blockchain cryptocurrency.