Babel 7 to be Released

Babel is a tool that allows JavaScript developers to use the current language syntax
29 August 2018   299

The Babel development team reported on the release of the seventh version of the transpair - a tool that rewrites code from one language to another at a comparable level of abstraction or from one version of the AP to another. The release of Babel 7 required 2 years of labor, 4 thousand commits and 50 pre-releases.

As a result, it denied Node.js versions 0.10, 0.12, 4, 5, received a new tool babel-upgrade to automatically install updates, as well as support for TypeScript.

Babel 7 Features

  • The rejection of unsupported versions of Node.js is 0.10, 0.12, 4 and 5.
  • @babel namespace migration. For example, the babel-core is now represented as @ babel / core.
  • Refusal to publish preset-es2015 annual presets and complete transition to the only one: babel-preset-env. It compiles the code with the latest JavaScript release and replaces the old presets.
  • Renaming some packages: all the plug-ins suggested by the TC39 committee will be marked -proposal, not-transform.
  • Adding a tool for automatically updates install - babel-upgrade.
  • Adding a new configuration file is babel.config.js.
  • Support for plug-ins and presets.
  • Support for TypeScript in the @ babel / preset-typescript preset

Babel is a tool that allows JavaScript developers to use the current language syntax, not paying attention to backward compatibility issues with older versions in browsers. 

BIF-2018 to be Held This Week

Representatives of the IT community will gather again in the Belgorod Philharmonic to discuss prospects for the development of the IT industry and modern trends in digital solutions
10 September 2018   366

On September 15, Belgorod will host the second IT-forum, which will bring together more than a thousand participants from different regions of the country. As in the past year, the central part of the event will be held in the Belgorod Philharmonic.


The primary goal of the forum is to show that it is possible to work in our region and at the same time create products that will be relevant all over the world. And every year it becomes easier. In IT there are no boundaries, they exist only in the minds, but these borders can also be erased, and this is how the forum helps. At such events, teams from different cities are formed and they can create joint products.


Yevgeny Miroshnikov

Head of the department of information technologies and communications of the regional governor's administration

The educational program has changed this year regarding the format of the presentation and the time of the speeches. Participants now can dive into the topic in a shorter time. The program is almost formed - representatives of VKontakte, GetTaxi, Sberbank-Technologies, Alfa-Bank, Dodo Pizza, Internet Initiatives Development Fund and many other companies will make presentations.

Last year, the forum participants wondered why there was no design course. Indeed, there were only a couple of reports from designers in the digital section. We heed the wishes of the participants and this year we are preparing a full-fledged direction in design, inviting experts working on projects in Artemiy Lebedev's studio, Alfa Bank and other top technological companies.


Dmitry Zadochin

Head of the IT Development Center of the Belgorod Informational Fund

In addition to design, the flexible methodologies of project management - Agile and Scrum, will also be discussed in a separate area. For civil servants, There is also a separate section for civil servants dedicated to smart cities.

There is today much talk about smart cities and how information technologies change different spheres of life. At the same time, "smart city" is a collective concept, because there is no clear definition of what it is. At a particular section of the Smart City Day, we'll talk about what technologies help make the life of the city better. The main areas will be health, transportation, and culture.


Yevgeny Miroshnikov

Head of the department of information technologies and communications of the regional governor's administration

Yevgeny also added that there is an ambitious goal regarding smart roads on the state level - the number of road deaths must be zero. The forum is planned to hold a council under the governor for innovative technological development, where application solutions will be presented to make the roads safe. There are already unique developments in Belgorod that will soon be announced.

After the completion of the educational program for the forum participants will perform a concert orchestra of wind instruments under the leadership of Yuri Merkulov. And there will be an afterparty in one of the city’s restaurants after the symphony concert.

The event will begin at 10:00 with a panel discussion, after which the speeches will start in five sections.

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