Bancor Network Wallet Released

On April 3 Bancor Network has announced the release of a native wallet which allows users purchase, store and manage any ERC20 token
04 April 2018   863

Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor allows users to convert between any two tokens on the network, with no counterparty, at an automatically calculated price.

On April 3 Bancor Network has announced the release of a native wallet which allows users purchase, store and manage any ERC20 tokens and convert between any token on the Bancor Network, including ETH, EOS, BNT and many more.

Bancor Wallet Features:

  • Dynamic: The Bancor Wallet offers automated token conversions with instant on-chain settlement, and each token that joins the Bancor Network becomes interchangeable for any integrated token directly from within the Bancor Wallet.
  • Secure: Bancor neither holds nor has access to customer funds, making its network and its wallet more secure. The wallet also underwent numerous rounds of paid auditing by third-party security firms, in addition to a variety of unsuccessful attacks during the 12-week Bancor HackMe Bounty Challenge.
  • Portable: Users can login to their Bancor profile and access their Bancor Wallet from any device using their password, they are always in control of their keys and can withdraw their tokens and export them to any ERC20 wallet at any time, at no additional cost.
  • Simple: Bancor Wallet includes the ability to view token balances in various display currencies, receive notifications when transactions are executed, and filter transfers and conversions by token symbol, all from within a sleek wallet interface.
  • Reliable: The smart contracts serve as autonomous and predictable market makers, and the Bancor Wallet is always able to predict how a conversion of any integrated token will move its price.
  • Extensible: Any Web3-enabled decentralized application can integrate Bancor’s open-source protocol in order to provide their users with automated conversions directly from their own environments.

ICOs to Lose Popularity, Diar Research Say

Diar assumes that in the future unregulated ICOs won't attract significant attention
11 December 2018   49

Although since the beginning of this year, ICO-startups have managed to raise over $ 12.2 billion, the November figure was only $ 65 million, according to data from a new study of the Diar portal.

According to analysts, the once popular method of financing, which allowed startups to attract tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in the absence of any product, exhausted itself against the background of fears about regulators' actions and the general dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, which did not leave retail investors with anything except for an unpleasant aftertaste.

This version is also supported by the data from the TokenData portal, which Diar leads in his research. Even with respect to the October levels, which constituted only a small fraction of what could be collected a few months ago, the November figures were 3 times lower.

Diar assumes that in the future unregulated ICOs as we have known them over the past years will no longer attract significant attention and will give way to regulated platforms of tokenized securities.