BCAP Security Tokens to be Available at SharesPost

BCAP is a token of the Blockchain Capital, which tokensale successfully took place back in April 2017
11 January 2019   431

BCAP tokens, representing shares of Blockchain Capital III, is listed on the SharesPost regulated trading platform, according to a press release.

Note that the Blockchain Capital tokensale successfully took place back in April 2017. At their core, BCAP tokens are security tokens because they represent shares in an investment portfolio that includes large companies and crypto-industry projects.

Due to global legal uncertainty, BCAP tokens soon began to disappear from the listing of cryptocurrency exchanges, and then completely became illiquid. For a long time, these tokens could be bought or sold only on the decentralized EtherDelta Exchange. The BCAP market price at this site was, as a rule, well below net worth.

BCAP became the first security token on the SharesPost alternative trading platform. Asset trading is available to accredited investors.

This is an important milestone for the digital securities ecosystem. Now companies can efficiently raise capital and provide liquidity globally by leveraging blockchain technology in a way that complies with securities laws. We are very excited to be connecting the more than 50,000 institutional and individual accredited investors using the SharesPost marketplace with companies and funds like Blockchain Capital that are leading the way. We believe that over time digital securities will join preferred and common stock as the mainstays of the private capital market.

Greg Brogger

Founder and CEO, SharesPost

At the end of last year, Blockchain Capital participated in the financing of Securitize startup.

FBI to List Scam ICO Signs

They include inaccurate information about the professional experience of project managers, overly aggressive marketing of the ICO and more
20 February 2019   110

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in an interview with the Netherlands site Paypers listed signs of a fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO) scheme.

They include inaccurate information about the professional experience of project managers, overly aggressive marketing of the ICO, and unrealistic promises of future token profitability.

In order not to become a scam project investor, the FBI advises checking that the ICO has a registration and which laws apply to the sale of tokens in the licensing jurisdiction. To check the status of registration of organizations, you can use the BrokerCheck system of the Financial Institutions Regulatory Agency (FINRA).

In addition, the FBI said that late registration of cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptomattes is also considered a violation of US federal laws.