Bedrock Linux 0.7.3 to be Released

Main feature of Bedrock that allows the use of packages and components from various Linux distributions, mixing distributions in one environment
15 April 2019   444

A release of the Bedrock Linux 0.7.3 meta-distribution is available, allowing the use of packages and components from various Linux distributions, mixing distributions in one environment. The system environment is formed from stable Debian and CentOS repositories; in addition, you can install more recent versions of programs, for example, from Arch Linux / AUR, and also compile Gentoo portage. To install third-party proprietary packages, library compatibility with Ubuntu and CentOS is provided.

Instead of installation images, a script was proposed in Bedrock that changes the environment of already installed type distributions. For example, it claims that Debian, Fedora, Manjaro, openSUSE, Ubuntu, and Void Linux replacements work, but there are some problems with replacing CentOS, CRUX, Devuan, GoboLinux, GuixSD, NixOS and Slackware. The installation script is prepared for x86_64 and ARMv7 architectures.

In the process, the user can activate the repositories of other distributions in Bedrock and install applications from them that can run side by side with programs from different distributions. Including installation from various distributions of graphic applications is supported.

People Kernel Org Blog Service to be Launched

Based on the free and decentralized WriteFreely platform, new blog solution is designed for developers. which had their blogs at closed Google+ service
25 June 2019   196

A new service for Linux kernel developers is introduced -, which is designed to fill a niche formed after closing the Google+ service. Many kernel developers, including Linus Torvalds, kept their blogs on Google+ and, after it was closed, felt the need for a platform that allows posting of messages from time to time, in a format different from the LKML mailing list.

The service is built using the free decentralized WriteFreely platform, which is blog-oriented and allows using the ActivityPub protocol to connect them into a common federated network. The platform supports formatting materials in Markdown format. The opportunity to start a blog in at this stage is provided only to developers included in the list of maintainers. For those who are not listed in this list, the establishment of a blog is possible upon receipt of a recommendation from one of the maintainers.