Bee Token ICO Investors Robbed by Scammers for 700 ETH

The potential investors of Bee Token ICO received phishing emails which contained fake cryptocurrency addresses for their contributions
01 February 2018   1752

Bee Token is a San Francisco-based startup utilizing an ERC-20 ​utility ​token for its Beenest decentralized home-sharing network. The investors who were waiting for their opportunity to join the Bee Token ICO were reportedly robbed for more than 700 ETH.

Scammers managed to collect the emails of potential investors of Bee Token, and sent out phishing emails stating that the token sale started, and offering users to send their contributions to Ethereum address.

Phishing email for bee token investors
Phishing email received by Bee Token ICO Investors

The Bee Token ICO scammers have reportedly managed to steal over 700 ETH (830,000 USD). The founders of Bee Token company confirmed that the above mentioned emails were fake and that they do not send any messages regarding the modification of maximum contribution limit.

The Bee Token has received reports of fake emails, Telegram accounts, etc. claiming to represent the Bee Token ICO Token Generation Event. Please note that we will NEVER EVER communicate an Ethereum address through an email or Direct Message to you via Telegram.

Bee Token Security Announcement

In one hour after the phishing attack, The Bee Token team sent out an email, warning the investors about fake emails and telling them that the real ICO address can be found only on the official website of the ICO.

Recently we have reported that Bee Token announced a new partnership with WeTrust, a blockchain-based platform for financial empowerment, to provide a decentralized insurance layer based on crowdsourced security deposits for Bee Token users.

Round 1 of TOP Network IEO Ended in 7 sec

Initial exchange offering took place at Huobi Prime platform
26 March 2019   73

The initial exchange placement (IEO) of the TOP Network project on the Huobi Prime platform that started today attracted no less attention than the similar campaigns on the Binance Launchpad. This is evidenced by the speed with which all the tokens allocated for the first round were purchased.

A number of investors in social networks reported technical problems that prevented the purchase of tokens, which, as in the case of the Binance Launchpad, are likely to be caused by an excessive load on the stock exchange infrastructure during the crowdsale.

The next round starts at 3/26 21:30 UTC+8, despite the fact that users did not use the 20 minutes set aside for trading, TOP Network reports.

For the two following rounds, 450,000,000 TOP and 750,000,000 TOP were allocated, respectively.