Belarus to Legalize Cryptocurrency and ICO

President of Belarus is expected to sign a decree which would legalize cryptocurrencies through the Belarusian High-Tech Park (HTP)
24 November 2017   1415

In 2005, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree to set up an IT-focused special economic zone, similar to Silicon Valley in the U.S, called the High-Tech Park. HTP explores provisions for cryptocurrencies and ICOs at the legislative level.

Among other provisions, if the law is passed, cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering (ICO) tokens will be approved for circulation. In addition, exchanges will be able to trade rubles for cryptocurrency, ICOs can be used for financing, and mining will also be allowed by law in Belarus.

The decree provides for the introduction into civil circulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens based on the technology of blockchain. A comprehensive legal regulation is proposed so that HTP residents can provide crypto exchange services, exchange cryptocurrencies, attract financing through ICOs, [and] use cryptocurrencies and tokens in civil circulation.


HTP statement

Belarus is also about to have its first centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Set to launch in the spring of next year, it will be the first centralized cryptocurrency exchange in Belarus with the possibility of legal input and output of fiat funds.

Giant Mining Solar Powered Farm to Created in California

Plouton Mining will allocate solar panels on 49 acres and it's planned they should generate about 10-13 megawatts per day, working for an average of 12 hours
26 June 2019   54

Plouton Mining, a subsidiary of Plouton Group Holding, intends to open the largest Bitcoin farm in North America for mining, whose operations will be provided by solar energy. To this end, the firm chose a territory in the western part of the Mojave Desert, California.

Plouton Mining will place solar panels on 49 acres: they should generate about 10-13 megawatts per day, working for an average of 12 hours. The company stressed that Western Mojave receives sunlight for 70% of the year.

The company will also sign the necessary contracts with local electricity suppliers in order to operate the farm in the absence of solar radiation.

Meanwhile, the bitcoin hashrate has again updated the historical maximum at 66.666 EX / s.