Berlin is hosting a meetup for Ethereum community

The fourth Ethereum meetup is announced and it will take place in Berlin on May 13 to share news, updates, experts' opinion and networking
03 April 2018   1231

Ethereum enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and executives are called upon the next community meetup in Berlin: it kicks off in Yellow Giant Room venue on May 13. The presentations of some of the industry experts, latest blockchain updates and networking session with foods and beverages are going to make up the event. Speakers include:

Andy Tudhope (outline of a framework for thinking about the benefits of decentralization and open source software)

Martin Klepsch (a discussion on sustainable OSS, decentralized organizations and status open bounty)

And a surprise guest yet to be announced.


  • 18:00 - arrival and registration
  • 18:30 - opening address
  • 18:40 - Status presentation
  • 19:00 - Speaker 2
  • 19:20 - Open floor discussion and Q&A
  • 19:50 - End + Networking
  • 21:00 - Close

At the moment of publication, the marker indicators for Ethereum are as follows

Average price: $406.35

Market cap: $40,062,771,740

Volume (24H): $1,261,960,000

Monoplasma Ethereum Scaling Technology Unveiled

Monoplasma developers claim that the technology will help solve the problem of repeat payments from one address to many others
18 February 2019   105

The developers of the blockchain platform Streamr presented a solution for scaling the Ethereum network called Monoplasma. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The creators of the project claim that the technology will help solve the problem of repeat payments from one address to many others. Monoplasma, in their opinion, will be useful to developers of decentralized applications focused on the distribution of dividends, staking and repeated airdrops.

The head of Streamr, Henry Pinkala, also demonstrated fake token airdrop for 200 thousand Ethereum addresses in a test network using Monoplasma.

You can receive money, but you can’t send back the other way. That would be like trying to send a message to your TV. 

Shiv Malik

Head of communications for Streamr

Thus, Monoplasma payment channels are reliably protected from the attack of double waste.

Streamr intends to use a new solution for the mass sale of user data on the blockchain, allowing the buying company to settle accounts with many users at once.