Best Ruby books

Worldwide, Feb 2018 compared to a year ago:
Change- Item -ShareTrend
1 Beginning Ruby21.87-6.73
21The Ruby Programming Language17.185.72
32Eloquent Ruby15.045.66
42Effective Ruby11.81-1.74
51Design Patterns in Ruby8.59-0.79
63The Well-Grounded Rubyist5.372.24
73Rails 3 Way4.391.79
82Head First Ruby3.91-4.43
92Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby3.911.82
101Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby3.911.82
112Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial2.681.12
125Well Grounded Rubyist1.34-3.87
135Programming Ruby 1.90-3.13

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