BIF-2018 to Take Place in Belgorod on September 15

BIF-2018 will bring together 1000+ active players of the IT industry
29 August 2018   2161

The Second Forum of Information Technologies "BIF-2018" will be held in Belgorod on September 15. Representatives of the IT community will gather again in the Belgorod Philharmonic to discuss prospects for the development of the IT industry and modern trends in digital solutions.


This year the forum will bring together over 1000 participants - entrepreneurs, IT specialists, potential investors, marketers, PR specialists, freelancers, bloggers, students and anyone interested in developing the IT environment of the region. Everyone will get a lot of useful experience from leading representatives of IT companies of the country. Participants will also be able to get to know one another, as well as talk with speakers in an informal atmosphere.


After the educational program, a symphony concert is planned, as well as an afterparty in one of the city's restaurants.

Belgorod IT-forum will be held as a conference with the following topics:

  • frontend-, backend-, mobile-development, product testing;
  • digital, content marketing;
  • interface and usability;
  • team management, agile.

Experts of the forum are the representatives of such companies as VK,, NGINX, ScrumTrek,, Dodo Pizza, IKRA, Avito,, Netology-group, Rostelecom, and the Ministry of Culture, The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and many others.

The event will begin at 10:00 with a panel discussion, after which the speeches will start in five sections.

More information:

  • Website
  • ‎Vkontakte

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