Binance Coin to be Used in Qlink Ecosystem

On the background of this event, QLC price rose for 13%
02 April 2018   574

The developer of the decentralized mobile network Qlink announced the conclusion of an agreement with the Binance Exchange, within which the Binance Coin token will be integrated into decentralized Qlink application.

The first application, allowing users to share a Wi-Fi connection and supports the functionality of the wallet, was introduced by Qlink in January this year at Github. It is expected that the application will appear in Google Play in April.

Qlink has a strong developer team and solid applications. The use case of secure network sharing has visible demand in the market, especially for users who pay more attention to information security and recognise the value of decentralization technology. Qlink is an ideal partner to further proliferate BNB utilization.

Changpeng Zhao 

Founder and CEO of Binance

Under the agreement, Binance Coin will be integrated into the Qlink ecosystem in several ways. First, users will be able to store BNB in ​​the Qlink application. Secondly, Qlink will add a BNB / QLC trading pair, so that users can buy QLC using BNB. A similar pair was launched at Binance itself. The data for the exchange of tokens inside the Qlink application will be drawn from Binance.

Along with QLC, users will be able to use BNB to pay for access to the network via Wi-Fi or VPN using the Qlink application.

On the background of this event, QLC price rose for 13%.

Qlink Price Chart
Qlink Price Chart

At the moment of press, these are main QLC market parameters:

  • Average Price: $0,152570
  • Market Cap: $36 616 800
  • 24h Volume: $16 593 700

Binance to Deny Dollar Trading Launch

These reports are "fake news," as company's spokeswoman said
20 April 2018   112

Binance Exchange has denied the information that it will allow its users to buy digital tokens for US dollars. This is reported by Bloomberg.

These reports are "fake news" the company's spokeswoman said in response to a request via e-mail.

Articles that Binance will launch dollar trading flew Twitter and several crypto-currency websites on Friday, along with the prices of altcoins, including EOS and Monero, went up.

Today, 20th April 2018, a number of reports have been published about the addition of dollar trades on Binance, but all of them, in fact, are a reference to an earlier article of the same Bloomberg, published on March 23, in which the CEO of the exchange, Zhao Changpeng, talked about the company's plans to move to Malta , the search for a banking partner and the possible launch of trading under the "fiat cryptocurrency" scheme. Zhao didn't name the fiat currency that can be used in this type of trading.