Binance to Launch DEX

Trading is not available and it will start after the listing of the first trading pair, about which will be reported separately
23 April 2019   649

After the completion of the swap of its token, the BNB cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of a decentralized trading platform in full functionality mode.

Trading on the Binance DEX exchange will start after the listing of the first trading pair, which will be reported separately.

Currently, users can access the following services related to Binance Chain / DEX:

  • Web wallet;
  • Blockchain Browser;
  • Accelerated nodes.

It is highly recommended not to issue or list any tokens during the early days of Binance Chain. More information and channels will come out gradually as the network becomes stable. We are all keen to make Binance Chain prosperous, but let us all take one steady step at a time.

Binance Team

The interface of the Binance DEX trading platform is currently empty, and the exchange does not specify any time frame for its further actions.

Bittrex to Go For Maintenance After 1/3 Funds Moved

Users suspects hack, but exchange says "funds are safe"
05 December 2019   62

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange has announced scheduled maintenance today, December 5, from 22:00 to 23:00 (GMT). On the eve, a third of its assets were transferred to an unknown wallet.

During maintenance, users will not be able to log into the system or use the APIs. Trading will be suspended.

On December the 4th, populat Twitter account posted that "43,564 #BTC (313,074,134 USD) transferred from Bittrex to unknown wallet." Users suspected that the exchange was hacked, but the exchange . 

Closures for scheduled maintenance only heightened suspicion. However, the Bittrex team assures that "that claim is false."