Binance lists NEO

China-based blockchain asset exchange Binance announced adding NEO trading pairs
20 November 2017   969

On November 20, Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Tokyo, made an announcement that it is going to list NEO, a cryptocurrecy based on smart asset platform and the first open source public blockchain project in China. 

As it is stated in the announcement, NEO/USDT and NEO/BNB trading pairs are now available on Binance.

NEO currency saw an unexpected price jump during past 7 days which might be connected to the announcement made by Malcolm Lerider, NEO council and senior R & D Manager, in twitter.

Currently, the cryptocurrency NEO with NEO/BTC trading pair takes 1st placeby 24h Volume in the list of currencies listed on Binance.

Previously, the chinese exchange Binance announced adding Monaco tokens to the platform in August 2017, and it announced support for Zcash in November 2017.

At the time of press the price of NEO is $40 and the market capitalisation is $2,6 billion.

NEO is now supported at eToro platform

This addition marks the ninth supported cryptocurrency on the platform
19 February 2018   219

NEO smart economy platform shared some exciting news today. Now its native token can be traded on the largest social investment platform eToro. NEO with 8 other reputable cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.) have added a diversity to eToro. At present investors are looking at altcoins, and the established reputation of eToro for providing security and verification greatly aid the investment search.

Already in 2018 we’ve seen attention shift away from mainstream cryptocurrencies and the market share of altcoins is increasing all the time.


Yoni Assia

eToro Co-founder and CEO

NEO is designated platform for developing distributed applications based on smart contracts. It has a blockchain algorithm of its own that potentially can make the platform very attractive to e-commerce opportunities. Currently, its market cap is around $7.2 bln and that makes it roughly the 7th biggest cryptocurrency.

Along with the main eToro trading platform, NEO will be presented at its Crypto CopyFund. The fund uses Contract for Differences to allow the investors to diversify across all 9 available cryptocurrencies in a matter of a click.

We are constantly seeking to identify and assess new concepts as they emerge and we are committed to bringing the best crypto assets onto our platform for our users to invest in.


Yoni Assia

eToro Co-founder and CEO