Binance to Open 2.0 Version For 1% of Users

As expected, main feature of the Binance 2.0 will be margin trading
14 June 2019   485

Binance announced that an updated version of the platform is already available for a limited number of randomly selected users.

Company clarified that the full launch of Binance 2.0 will take place in the coming days, but for now the updated platform is available only for 1% of users.

If you visit Binance 2.0, you can see that the design of the platform has undergone some changes. In particular, the expected margin trading can be found:

Binance 2.0 Margin Trading
Binance 2.0 Margin Trading

According to representatives of the exchange, trading with leverage will be available immediately after the full launch of Binance 2.0. For those who can not wait to test margin trading now, need to fill out a special form.

Users accounts pages were redesigned too. In particular, this is the section for working with fiat deposits and stablecoins:

Binance 2.0 User Account Page
Binance 2.0 User Account Page

Also, according to the developers, considerable attention is paid to the performance and security of the new platform.

Poloniex to Bring Back the Trollbox

According to Poloniex owner, the "most frequent request has been, “BRING BACK THE TROLLBOX”, a general topic chat  
19 June 2019   180

Due to numerous requests from users, the Bitcoin exchange Poloniex activated a general chat, better known as Trollbox.

You’ve been asking for it and we’re excited to tell you IT’S HAPPENING: Trollbox is back! Poloniex’s Trollbox is the original forum for traders to talk all things crypto. Our legendary mods are ready to go, armed as always with the mighty Banhammer to maintain order.

Poloniex Team

From now on, traders can again communicate on a wide range of topics without leaving the stock exchange, and moderators will use the legendary ban-hammers in case of violation of the rules.