Binance to Unveil BitTorrent Trading Launch Date

All BitTorrent tokensale participants had already received their tokens
31 January 2019   359

Binance will start trading BitTorrent tokens on January 31st. Users can already make deposits.

Trades will open at 10:00 UTC in BTT / BNB, BTT / BTC and BTT / USDT pairs.

Note that Binance has already distributed project tokens among the crowdsale participants on the Launchpad platform, and also conducted an additional 5,000 BTT airdrop for users who did not manage to purchase tokens during the campaign.

On January 28, a BitTorrent crowdsale took place, which lasted 18 minutes and collected $ 7.2 million. It was enshadowed with many technical issues.

Binance to Conduct Unplanned BTT Airdrop

"One tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT" as head of the exchnage reported
20 February 2019   122

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, inadvertently implemented BitTorrent airdrop. Because of this, the wallets of some users of the trading platform were replenished with BTT tokens.

While doing testing for , one tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT, giving some BTT launchpad buyers extra BTT tokens. We are resolving the issue now. No other people are affected.

Changpeng Zhap

CEO, Binance

One commentator joked that getting some extra tokens is not a problem at all. The head of Binance answered him that this question is now being resolved and, most importantly, all means are safe. Another Twitter commentator joked that he inadvertently pressed the Sell button and sold BTT tokens very cheaply. 

Also today, Changpeng Zhao reminded that only one day remained before the launch of the test network of the decentralized Binance DEX exchange.